Politics: Abhisit Up-Close and Personal

My ID gives me clearance to hit any party

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Well, if you know me, I am into European guys. And if you know European guys, they are into wild and kinky sex. So it is a perfect match, since I am very wild and kinky. So I have been dating Terry, this blog editor’s friend, name Stuart.

Stuart moves in the high-class Thai social circle-and we are talking about the super upper crust here. I know I am taking a long time spilling it out, but to cut it short, Stuart went to Abhisit’s sister book launch party.

“I know about Abhisit, saw him a few times here and there at functions, but I never saw him up close and in action,” said Stuart. According to Stuart, the party was a very closed and tight knotted event of about 50 people, in a plush very expensive room at some so many star hotel.

Stuart is not a fan of Abhisit, Taksin or any Thai position actually, because if you have ben following this blog, we write about Stuart now and then. Well Stuart is an anarchist, who believes in total chaos, because, he says when that happens the rule of laws breaks down, and only then are people are free and there is real Democracy.

According to Stuart, Abhisit showed up, looking very scared. “He was moving around with his security all around and looked scared and worry-and it was obvious he had some sort of bullet prof vest on,” said Stuart.

“Abhisit went to the podium and gave a talk, and not a single person paid attention to what he said, and it was his sister’s book launch for Christ sake. Everyone totally ignored him. It was as if a boy was giving a talk to adults who were not interested in the boy’s opinion. It was an embarrassment, but Abhisit was too busy to see that nobody cared about what he was saying,” said Stuart.

Stuart said Abhisit looked real young and was having a difficult time at the party gaining respect and acknowledgment.

“I never believed in the theory that Abhisit is just the front man, the likable man, for other people to control before, because Abhisit has money and it means he can be his own boss. But then after the party, I am now convinced that Thailand should not let Abhisit leave Thailand, because on the outside, there is no propaganda to spin things, and this young guy is meeting some very important and senior people globally and it really looks bad for Thailand to be run by a young guy with Abhisit’s personality,” said Stuart.

But according to Stuart, Abhisit seems determined. “I asked Abhisit how he was doing as the Thai prime minister, and Abhisit said it was fun and interesting, but it was also hard work,” said Stuart. “But then he cut the conversation off and for the first time that night showed real satisfaction and happiness, and it was at the photo shoot,” said Stuart.

The entire evening was a fake, said Stuart. One minute, Abhisit was totally ignored by everyone, but when it was time to produce something for public consumption, immediately everyone at the small party knew their role.

“I don’t care what anyone says, said Stuart, that “In Thailand, its all public relations.”

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