Thaksin Focus: Speculation into Thaksin’s current “State of Mind”

Do not forget to send Taksin a Christmas card

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Like many people in the intelligence community, even though I am a humanity intelligence journalist, psychological analysis of a subject, particularly the subject’s state of mind, is critical. So I have done the Red Shirt constitutional Day gathering analysis and also the Red Shirt social event analysis. And so now I turn to do the same with Taksin.

Well, where else but Taksin’s Twitter as the place to get a glimpse into Taksin state of mind.

And when you go to Taksin’s Twitter, you are going to be greeted first by the words that he is the founder of the Taksin Foundation to better the world and then attached to it, secondly, is that he is Thailand’s longest democratically elected Thai prime minister.

First off, I am quite perplex actually, because Taksin’s foundation has been so quiet of what it is doing, and also that Taksin has been quite active in his personal businesses. Those events tells me, that perhaps, Taksin is in dire circumstances when it comes to his finances-to put off charity foundation work, that he cares a lot about, and focus instead on his own finances.

Then I am not surprised on the longest elected prime minister thing. There is no doubt that Taksin is very popular with a lot of people in Thailand. The statement to anyone who does not know much about Thailand, is that Taksin is boasting that he comes from the Democratic process, but more importantly, the long service, indicates also that he is responsible for Thailand being Democratic for a long time.

Then to the actual Twitter itself, the most striking in all of it, is that Taksin is expressing a lot of raw emotion in very graphic languages. He says it out loud in very graphic language, that he misses Thailand very much. This can be an indication that he will be taking some action to return to Thailand soon. Remember, Taksin had been a multimillionaire in Thailand already and also the Thai prime minister. To such a person, who had been in great control of money and power, the relationship to these two factors are different from most of what we have.

To Taksin, perhaps, money and power has a much less of a significance, than his real raw emotions, and that is in missing Thailand.

I also found it to be quite interesting, about Taksin’s “Total” involvement in Cambodian economic development-to the extent that he risks flying all over Cambodia in helicopters-which is a real threat to his life, since one SAM missile from the Thai military or the black market in Cambodia, can pretty much end Taksin’s life right there, along with Hun Sen’s life.

The point is, Taksin knows this and yet he risk his life on Cambodia’s economy. To answer the reason why, most likely, it is related to his energy level and what he really loves doing. There is no doubt that Taksin has all the energy in the world. He says repeatedly that he had already in this life time, gone through heaven and hell. For such a man, to have gone through that and still have the energy and creativity-these indicates some type of maturity.

One the second point, why Cambodia’s economy? It must be related to his love of “Development” of countries, particularly countries in trouble. This indicates to me, that Taksin, likes to solve difficult problems and see positive results. So in sum here, it is a challenge that Taksin is greatly into.

Most of the rest of the Twitter, is just the normal routine about his problems with the powers at be in Thailand. There is not much here that Taksin is adding to, and most of them are what most liberated Thais knows already-like the justice system, the attempts on his life, ect.

What I found disturbing however, is that Taksin talks about the threat to his life, as if they were normal and routine. If I were Taksin, I would really be complaining and talking a lot about the attempt on my life and it will show a great deal of bitterness. But perhaps, it is either Taksin is lying, he has great security that puts him at ease, or that he simply is not afraid and ready to die.

My hunch on this, is that Taksin is ready to die. It is difficult to explain, but this blog editor, Terry is also ready to die because he suffered greatly from the Amart prosecution. My bet is that because Taksin have seen everything in his life taken away from him, he is fighting a do or die war.

Think of it this way, you live your life building and committed to something and all of it was taken away from you-now you are fighting for what is right. So in that fight, for what is right, do you really care about your life anymore.

What I also found interesting in Taksin’s twitter is also the relationship he has with his community. Like it is just so cute, the way his children is there talking their father through the Twitter. Then as funny as it is, Taksin response and says a great deal of thanks to people who Twitter him and it touches his heart.

Like I don’t know how many hundreds of time Taksin says “Thanks for your support” in them. Obviously, Taksin misses people and is in some type of deep hurting, because he seems to just can not get enough of support. Like really, all those politicians and Thais on his side, and still he is hungry for raw expressive words of support.

Overall, I think Taksin is in deep emotional maturity, and also in deep emotional problems. My overall assessment, is that Taksin has lot and lots of positive, creative and do good energy-but he is having a the opportunity to put it into use, being greatly limited. And so is crying out, as plain as anything, that he misses Thailand-to which Thailand to him, is the opportunity to exercise his creativity.

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