Justice: Democrat Party Dissolution Case and the “Songkla Network at Its Best”

I am from the anti-Songkla Network legal services

by Frank, this blog political journalist

Must we be forced to report on another Thai justice case against the Amart, or the upper crust, rule of Thailand. The only point worth reporting on, is that as the Thai press went blasting Cambodia’s justice system for the ruling on the Thai spy case, when it comes to the Thai justice system being so pro Amart it is obvious to everyone, suddenly, that critical thinking skill turned into an ass liking skill.

We just want to add that the root of the Thai judiciary system, or to be precise, the root of the control of the system, lies in the “Songkla Network.” The Songkla Network, is made up of very senior Thai judiciary people, who shares a strong background in the Southern Thai province of Songkla, together.

Just do some search on the background of a few key Thai judiciary people, and the word Songkla, will be the commonality in the whole gang. Then if you add the four pillar house guy’s Songkla background, the picture will become very clear for you.

We just also want to say, that do not be too hard on the Thai judiciary system, because some very senior judges, with no political alliances, have already came out to apologies to the Thai people that they were not able to keep the Thai justice fair and just, when it comes to cases involving politics.

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