Thaksin Focus: A Captured Thaksin? “Careful what You Want!”

Wonder what a strange girl should ask from Santa

by Frank, this blog political journalist

It’s close to Christmas, and children all over the world are wishing for this and that. In Thailand, the so-called stubborn child, Abhisit, is asking from Santa that Santa gives Taksin to him.

Well, Santa is a funny guy, and have told so many children to be careful what they wish for, because sometimes, “That is exactly what they will get.”

Thailand stubborn child has been trying hard to capture Taksin. God knows how the Thai foreign ministry has been going all out globally to pressure every government that is close to Taksin, to extradite Taksin back to Thailand. Those moves also includes putting F16 on long stand by, in the attempt to force Taksin private jet to land in Thailand, if he comes anywhere near Thailand’s air space.

The obsession with capturing Taksin, has led most Thai press, friends or foe, of the stubborn child, to have been saying repeatedly, that the problems of Thailand are so pressing on all sorts of fronts, but all the stubborn child, Abhisit, is interested in is in capturing Taksin. And so overall, Thailand deteriorates as the stubborn child, Abhisit, refuses to listen, to even his close friends warnings.

Well do not be so hard on this child, or as this blog callsl him, a baby, because to Abhisit, capturing Taksin is a need and want that is deeply ingrained into the psyche of Abhisit. You see, capturing Taksin would in a baby’s mind, be like getting rid of something he really hates.

Taksin to this baby, Abhisit, is like a nightmare of an evil spirit that haunts him in his sleep. And so to Abhisit, putting Taksin in jail, will get rid of his nightmare.

But as Santa says, be careful what you wish for. Because while Abhisit may sleep better if his wishes comes true, obviously, Taksin supporters will “Go Ballistic.” That Taksin supporters reaction to a captured Taksin, will be nothing less than “A Nightmare on Elm Streets” or in Thailand’s case, the Bangkok’s Streets.

Like lets see, those terrorist suspects, that are part of the stubborn child government, who occupied the Thai airport, remains free and the terrorist charges not proceeding. That crime caused a Thai central Bank estimate damage of US$ 4 billion. Meanwhile, as the stubborn child goes about using even F16 and global diplomatic pressure on Taksin, the crime associated with his arrest warrants, is about breaking procedures in helping his wife “Bid in a Fair Process” some land-and got 2 years jail time.

Obviously, to anyone who are no longer using diapers, terrorism is a serious matter, and breaking regulations on bidding for some land, are world’s apart in seriousness.

Like Sata says, we urge the baby Abhisit, to think seriously what he is doing. Because sometimes, like Santa says, “you get exactly what you ask for.”

Unfortunately, like we say, Abhisit is still a real baby, and as babies are, they can not see or understand much. Because really, a captured Taksin, will like “Totally Destroy Thailand.”

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