ASEAN Defense: 3) Bangkok Post Calls Hun Sen “Savage”

Bangkok Post should just get lost

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Call me a uncivilized savage if you want, but even with my savagery, I can still see that the current government of Thailand and one of its major propaganda arm, the Bangkok Post, are worse than savages, but are neanderthals.

You see, only Neanderthal being the current Thai government and the Bangkok Post, would go about trying so hard to steal one of the greatest cultural heritage of the ancient Khmer Empire relics of Cambodian away, and at the same time call the Cambodians who built those magnificent relics “Savages.”

Yes the case is a bit more complicated. You see in the Bangkok Post view, it is civilized for the Thai government to tell the Cambodians to get rid of Taksin, otherwise the relationship will not be normalized.

But when Cambodia hit back, by saying Cambodian will only normalize relations with Thailand when the current Thai government leaves office, suddenly, the Bangkok Post calls the Cambodians leader, Hun Sen, “Savage.”

Well what do you expect from the Neanderthal Bangkok Post.

The Bangkok Post, as it is, is Thailand’s most important protectorate of the class system. One must ask really, who is the Bangkok Post trying to fool, by pushing the class system on the Thais in the age of globalism and economic advancement.

Like lets see, does the word social justice and equality means anything? Or to the Bangkok Post Thailand is just a bunch of cavemen with chiefs and all?

But then the Bangkok Post have had a long track of these type of moves. During one student up-rising against the military rule of Thailand, the Bangkok Post sparked one of the bloodiest bloodbath in Thailand. You see the students staged a political theater and the Bangkok Post reported that some of the characters in the play was made up to look like members of the Thai Royal family.

That fact that the Bangkok Post reported on, have now been proven to be a total fabrication and a most said the Bangkok Post acted as the provocateur. But before the fact was clarify, during that time, obviously, that Bangkok Post provocateur move sparked a nasty crackdown on the student movement that left many Thai student dead.

Well think about this for a minute. Media provocateur cause blood bath. Media provocateur calls Hun Sen a “Savage” during tense foreign relations times. My conclusion is that the Bangkok Post belongs to the cannibalistic cave people, because clearly, to anyone who is living in this century, the Bangkok Post is pretty much, just a Neanderthal.

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