Thai Culture: Abhisit’s Synchronicity is “Systemic, Odd Chances, or Bad Luck”

Is it strange that there is a twin me and a twin my Siamese cats

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Same Time: Environmental Concern and Leakage:

One day, not too long ago, Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit, went to give a major speech on some Thai environmental day. As some of you know, the Ma Ta Phud area has some of the globe’s worse environmental degradations because of leakage of one dangerous substance right on top of another. As Abhisit took the podium at that major Thai event, he gave a cutting edge speech of the responsibility of the government to environmental and health concerns.

About the same moment of his speech, another gas leaked in Ma Ta Phud, and put about 20 Thais into the hospital.

Same Time: Violence and Arms Trafficker:

Then one day, not too long ago, the government of Abhisit cooked up a story about how Cambodia was supplying arms to the Thai Red Shirt. The government said it repeatedly for about a week, ending that series of propaganda just about a week ago.

Then a few days ago, a mysterious plane load of arms landed in Thailand and sparked fear that arms dealers are using Thailand as the main staging point for their activities and that the arms dealers will retaliate against Thailand for the plane seizure.

Same Time: Health Speech and Drink More:

Then just yesterday, Abhisit went to a Thai health day seminar to give another cutting edge speech on how much the government cared about the health of the Thai people.

Strangely, at about the same time of that speech, some guy went to the Thai Government House and gave out real sexy calendar urging people to drink more to celebrate the holidays, against the law, and where holiday’s drunk driving related death is in the hundreds.

Same Time: Hype Economy and Reuters Report

Then again strangely, as Abhisit is trying to shore up confidence in the Thai economy, with a massive advertisement campaign in all media, saying everything is great.

Strangely, about at the height of these advertisement runs, that comes on about every 20 minutes apart on every TV channel, Reuters out of nowhere went and did a major analysis piece on the Thai stock market, saying there are 5 major bombs waiting the ahead for investors.

What does the above mean?

Well, I am at a lost of how to explain these synchronicity. It is either systemic, odd coincident, or bad luck.

But as a girl who reads the Thai newspapers, and sees all the future tellers make predictions, it even got me more lost and that is because there appears to be two school of thoughts, with the best of the Thai future tellers.

One is that next year Taksin’s bad luck will be lifted-and the guy who made the predictions, uses all sorts of star charts to show that he is right. Then the other school, say that the government’s luck is solid and it will prosper-and they again used all sort of star charts to support their assertions.

In science, when the occurrences goes more than like four or five standard deviation away from the norm, like repeatedly, the occurrences indicates something systemic is wrong. Clearly, the four examples above, indicates repeated occurrences way beyond the norm.

In gambling, I once hit “0” four times in a roll and it was amazing. The gambling house in Nevada, USA, came to take my picture and said that was the first time it happened in the casinos history. And perhaps it is nothing at all, but just the odd coincidences.

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