Thai Culture: Will A Sex Scandal Split the Abhisit Junta Apart?

I am from the sex and booze promotion board

By Frank and Tammy, this blog political and humanity journalist

City of Bangers

AFP did not call Bangkok as being the call girl capital of the world for nothing. Bangkok as it is called by expatriates here, as “Bangers.”  And here in Bangkok, it is a liberal as it comes when it comes to sexy stuff. Thailand is so well-known for its sexual escapades, comedians around the globe has been joking that Bangkok is a wonderful name for the city, meaning “Bang” and Cock.”

So is it not odd really, that there could be a sex scandal going on in Thailand today that involved the Thai government. Like really, who in Roman in ancient days, will accuse another Roman of being too crazy sexy.

Sexy Model Ratings Hits the Roof

The current Thai scandal started with Luk Ked, a very famous sexy Thai model organized a bunch of her model friends, went posing for the new year calendar from the beer Singha group, that is just so full of sexy picture of them.

Then the Thai Ministry of Public Health was freaked out because they said the calendar goes against Thailand’s law banning alcohol advertisement in any form and it was also afraid drinking will increase with such attractive model telling people drinking and sexy girls goes together.

Not that Wholesome says Health Ministry

So the Ministry of Public health issue a stoppage on the calendar and said it will sue Beer Singh for breaking the law.

Well you know Beer Sing belongs to one of the richest family in Thailand of the Pirompakdi and it has all sorts of connections and pull all over the place.

Influential Family Flex-Muscle

And so to slap the Thai Ministry of Health in the face for not knowing what is what in Thailand, a family member of the Beer Singh family decided to take his cause to the Thai government House. Well what do you expect, an election might be around the corner and politicians are looking for financial support-and so the guy got into the Thai Government House like a breeze.

There the guy began giving out the sexy calendar.

Thai press are now breaking the event on their SME services that politicians and government staff are forming very long lines for the free calendar.

Politicians Pissed Off and Embarrassed

The problem is that the Ministry of Public Health is run by a minister from the government’s coalition party. And obviously, the sight of so many politicians from other coalition parties standing in line for the ban calendar, right in the Government House and under their nose, had cause what some Thai press reports as very “Pissed Off” politicians.

Thai Prime Minister into Health

In the mean time, on the same day these “Go ahead booze up and have sex” calendars hit the Government House, in another corner of Bangkok, the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, went giving a speech on the Thai Health Day or something-and saying he is committed to the betterment of the health of Thais.

Will the Thai government break apart over this calendar? We think that the real fight is in fight for the free calendar, because as the SMS reports, the Pirompakdi guy only took 500 of them to the Government House and they are running out fast.

Drinking a Real Not-Sexy Thai Problem

But for a more serious reporting, drinking is really a major nasty habit of the Thais and during all major holidays, the Thai police call the period “Dangerous Times” because hundreds of Thais gets kild during holidays mainly from drunk driving. Thailand’s alcohol consumption per person, is reported to be in the top three global.

These sexy calendar have been a major advertisement tool for the Pirompakdi family. Hord of people would hit the retail stores, buying up booze, in massive amounts, in an attempt to get their hands on these calendars.

Luk Ked Gets Filthy Rich

As for Luk Ked, her sexy work is reported in some men magazine as about US$200,000. Luk Ked just had a kid and for a long time, she was very chubby and lost a great deal of  her sex appeal. This calendar is her big comeback as the most sexy super model in Thailand-perhaps as the Mama Sung or a cutting edge artistic and creative agent-you just got to get the calendar to judge for yourself.

There are 6 really sexy girls in the calender, covered only by a thin coat of piant.

“I am going to fight this legal action, because women’s body is the best gift of nature and we are proud to show ourselves,” said Luk Ked.

Luk Ked is married to a very hansom, but homely, foreign guy and when she just got started in the modeling business, there were lots and lots of rumors of how wild Luk Ked can be when it comes to kinky sex-and we are talking about real wild and real kinky here.

Wild and Kinky Sexy Stuff

As for me, I am also into wild and kinky sex-but compared to Luk Ked, I am probably just a kitten.Then I do not drink, period.

But then I do not have the type of friend Luk Ked has. And these are they type of girls that very rich and famous men from around the globe, would come to Thailand to meet.

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