Thai Culture: Some Thai Parliament Censure Debate Jokes

It is my Siamese cats against each other

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Puey Thai Charge: ASEAN free trade will hurt many Thai interest because Thailand is not ready.

Democrat Response: The government needs to kiss ASEAN butts because no ASEAN country likes Thailand these days.

Puey Thai Charge: The Thai government let Thais at Ma Ta Phud Industrial Area get sick repeatedly.

Democrat Response: Actually only about 500 people got sick during the year, when it should be in the thousands.

Puey Thai Charge: The Thai Foreign Ministry sent spies into Cambodia and hurt Thai Cambodian relations.

Democrat Response: We did not sent spies into Cambodia, but just real curious people.

Puey Thai Charge: International ranking says the government’s corruption is worse than Taksin time.

Democrat Response: The Thai economy has grown so there are more corruption, naturally.

Puey Thai Charge: The government sold water purifiers to the grassroots at twice market price.

Democrat Response: The inflation in the water purifying business peaked during the bidding and pushed up the price.

Puey Thai Charge: The Finance Minister opened up tax shelters for his and many other companies in the Bahamas.

Democrat Response: He did not use the tax shelters to hide taxes, but used them because he was afraid people will know how rich he is.

Puey Thai Charge: Readying F16s, that costs hundred of thousands of baht an hour for readiness, for capture Taksin is wasteful national defense spending.

Democrat Response: Taksin is a major criminal who got two years of jail time for corruption and so the government will do anything to bring this fugitive to justice.

Puey Thai Charge: Thailand has a double standard in its justice and governing system.

Democrat Response: Thailand has one standard for everyone, except those that deserves special treatment.

Puey Thai Charge: The government is dragging its feet on the Yellow Shirt breaking the law cases.

Democrat Response: We are not dragging our feet and the cases will be bough to justice when the Yellow Shirt run out of usefullness to the government.

Puey Thai Charge: The economy is taking much longer than the government said it would to recover.

Democrat Response: It is because we had difficulty forcing the grassroots to buy stuff they did not want, but we think they  need them.

Puey Thai Charge: This government is borrowing massive amount of money and spending it unwisely.

Democrat Response: We are spending it wisely on very popular vote buying schemes.

Puey Thai Charge: The appointment of top police never in Thai history had been in such a mess.

Democrat Response: What mess, the pie is evenly given out to all coalition members, but the negotiation just took time.

Puey Thai Charge: Drugs is back, flood is back, theft is back and many other bad things that were under control before.

Democrat Response: The Yellow Shirt is not back on the street and that is the only thing that is important.

Puey Thai Charge: The government did not issue laws according to the constitution on environmental watch-dog.

Democrat Response: Thailand is not a country of dogs so we do not need a watch-dog.

Puey Thai Charge: The government has controlled all the media for propaganda.

Democrat Response: The government gives Thai media every freedom to attack the opposition.

Puey Thai Charge: The government paid people to falsely give facts that lead to disbandment of the Thai Rak Thai Party.

Democrat Response: We did not paid them but just drop some money near them for them to pick up and it is not against the law to loose money.

Puey Thai Charge: The government accepted contribution that it did not declare and that is against election laws.

Democrat Response: That case is peanuts compare to the contribution we made to the election commission.

Puey Thai Charge: Thailand Developmental Research Institute said the government loan shark busting scheme is wrong.

Democrat Response: There are only 100 people working at the institute and it is not an important voter base.

Puey Thai Charge: The appointment of the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, soldier cousin to head the coup staging unit hurts the confidence in Thailand’s democratic process.

Democrat Response: We can appoint Hitler to head the coup staging unit but it will be OK because our party name is Democrat.

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