Journaslism: Thai TV Anchorman Charms Pissed-Off Red Shirt into Kittens

Well, my Siamese cats are unique and special for sure

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

I must admit, the Thais are very special and unique, not because of you know what putting people in jail for ages for insults, but that the Thais have this weird flexibility that can turn the most scary of situations, into the most charming.

Take this morning for instance, where a popular Thai TV anchorman, Sorayuth, who has all the freedom he wants to hate Taksin to the maximum, went to Chiang Mai for a live broadcast by a lake.

The Red Shirt obviously hate Sorayuth because of the un-balanced and hatred reports Sorayuth does all the time.

So the Red Shirt went to protest Sorayuth.

The police off course put up several defenses to protect this icon of a hate based anchorman. But you know how smart the Red Shirt are, and they broke the defenses and went screaming and yelling in protest-to the extent that the noise of the protest went on air.

Well, there are conflicting reports-with some said Sorayuth was scared shitless and others who said Sorayuth still was able to maintain his composure.

Well do not be too hard of Sorayuth, the Chiang Mai Red Shirt had suffered the most from this oppressed Abhisit government, since the old days when Red Shirt journalist were dragged off to jail and interrogation.

So these Chiang Mai Red Shirt, are as mean and serious as they come.

Well give Sorayuth credit. He did not become so popular by not at least being charming in his propaganda of hate.

So Sorayuth and the Red Shirt held a meeting after the live broadcast.

And Sorrayuth told the Red Shirt, rightfully too, that in Thailand these days, everyone is biased to one side or another-even the Red Shirt media.

Well it was good luck for Sorayuth that it is the Red Shirt and not the Yellow Shirt, because the Red Shirt, as reported, thought about what Sorayuth said and came to their senses.

So instead of throwing rotten eggs and fish at Sorayuth, Sorayuth and the Red Shirt went posing for pictures together and were having a great time telling the other side, about their personal problems.

The Red Shirt, reportedly, asked Sorayuth is he really close to being a billionaire now from being a journalist to which Sorayuth said it depends if Taksin will cut his career short, if Taksin becomes Thai prime minister again.

Then Sorayuth asked the Red Shirt, many are key Red Shirt journalist up north, if it was true that they kept their broadcasting equipment on wheels for quick escape, in case the government cracks down on them. Reportedly, one Red Shirt journalist told Sorayuth that it is not just broadcasting equipment on wheels, but the reporters keeps their motorcycles running while broadcasting.

One Red Shirt was quoted in the Thai press as saying Sorayuth is not that bad of a guy if you get to know him, but still they will not turn on Channel 3 and listen to his  crap.

Like we say, the Thai people are unique and special.

All they need to do is get together and talk and be friends again.

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