Red Shirts Focus: Red Shirt to Party Hard and Study Hard

Hard hitting and also fun events from my Red Shirt Siamese cats

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Red Shirt Party On:

Well, the Red Shirt are planning to party hard and study hard for the remainder of the year. We just want to give you a flavor of what the Red Shirt are up-to, so you can understand them better. The official news outlet of the Red Shirt is off course Thai E-News-where in the past few years, it got about 4 million hits.

Thai E-News Spearhead Events:

Then Thai E-News is advertising that any Red Shirt related social gathering, can now be sent to Thai E-News for “Free” publicity at This indicates to us that Thai E-News is getting quite sophisticated and is throwing its weight of over 4 million hits in the past few years alone. The social world of the Red Shirt is also getting quite a large following, and we at this blog expect a Red Shirt oriented social magazine to hit the newsstand sooner or later.

Curious Red Shirt School:

The above is a Red Shirt school gathering, and from the looks of it, it could mean two things and that is they are running out of money for hotels conference rooms or that the classes are in such demand that they are being held anywhere possible.

Foreign Correspondent Club Goes Cutting Edge:

Then Thai E-News advertised a meeting at the Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand that will be holding talks on Thailand’s judiciary system. So this tells us that foreign reporters are really up to date on Thailand and are getting some really cutting edge education about the reality of Thailand. They only have seat for 80 people so if you want to go, better hurry. The contact is 084-0910707 081-1048842**

Then Thai E-News says that at Khonken, there will be a major gathering and the speakers will be Veera, Nuttawut, who just got his Facebook thing going, and Adisorn of the Red Shirt People TV Channel.

Lonely Southern Red Shirt Meet:

The above is a Southern Thailand Red Shirt gathering where Thai E-News reports that it was strange in the no Yellow Shirt disrupted the event. But really, it could be because Southern Thailand Red Shirt are such a small group that the Yellow Shirt let it go.

Red Shirt USA Raise Some Funds:

Then Thai E-News reports that Thai Red USA just raised about US$500 for installation of Red Shirt TV satellite dish in a few remote laces. That USA move, sparked the Thai Red Shirt, to organize a funding drive to install these satellite dishes in more remote villages. But really, US$500 seems like a small amount, but then the US is in such a mess these days.

Che Guevara Would be Proud:

Then Thai E-News reports that the on-going series of Truth Today Red Shirt event will be staging a major gathering at a mountain peak and all the key Red Shirt leaders will be going. We look at the list and it seems like a plan to have a big party and get-together, but then Thai E-News says they will be talking about the double standard in Thailand and democracy.

Well it looks to us like the old days, when student activist went into the jungle resorts and held political rallies to spread the word. If you want a sense of what it was like some 20-30 years ago with the student activist in the jungle, call 081-8644199 for reservations because it looks like a great deal of fun and ambiances-they type Che Guvara would love.

Cute Red Shirt Chicks and Dudes Party in Pattaya:

Then the above is the Red Shirt New Year party near the Pattaya beach. Thai E-News gave a very long list of contact for this event and it tells us that this will be a biggie for the Red Shirt. Well if you know the Red Shirt, the chicks and dudes, are like cutting edge attractive and committed to democracy and freedom. The combination is a must for all the lonely people who are into bettering Thailand.

Christmas Party for Foreign Red Shirt:

Than Thai E-News went to announce another major Red Shirt get-together for Christmas, organized by a soldier and a Thai senator who are Red Shirt sympathizers.

Tis party will be at the famous River Kwai and guess what, Chakrapop Penklae, the Red Shirt in exile will be making a phone in. This party is advertised as a must for foreigners in Thailand who loves the Red Shirt and you know Chakrapop that his English is great and he has this kiler way to communicate Thailand to foreigners. This one is a real party with gift exchanges, buffet, music and off course great Thai beer.  Call 034-625 053
for reservations for this floating raft on the river event.

Da Torpedo, Torpedoes On:

Then the above is a calling for support for Da, the cute girl in jail for 20 years for insulting someone in Thailand. It is real in-justice and it is getting close to Christmas and New Year when even free people can get depress and all blue from missing friends and family. To send Da a note of support the contact is

Then Thai E-News really is turning on Socialism with the announcement of a “Revolutionary” music fair to raise funds to renovate a real Thai socialist and communist revolutionary camp. The contact is at So if you are really into Socialism and Communism as the solution to Thailand, do not miss this one because you are going to get to network with a lot of leaders of Thailand past and present revolutionary movement.

Hopeless Media Reform Attempt:

Then if you are into Media and such, the Thai Media Reform group is holding a seminar on “Rethinking Media Reform: Integrated Media Policy 2010-2020)ฟืก ระ รห รืเ หียยนพำก Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF) The contact point is 089 123 2296 But really, is it not a bit too late for Thailand media these days. There is only hate and no creativity left, is that not right.

In Remembrance of Those Who Gave Us what Little Freedom we Have:

Well, the celebration for revolutionaries who died in the fight for democracy in Thailand against past dictatorship in the really war nasty Tanaosri Area. The contact point is 081 925 8390. We really think it will be really an event full of remembrance and a great deal of crying will go on-so if you don’t really want to get depressed do not go, but if you want to pay respect for those who dies in the past for what little freedom and democracy we have today, they really need you support.

New Red Shirt Newspaper Debut Soon:

Well the Thai Society of Free Reporters is putting out this new newspaper and so check it out, if you read Thai. But really, it is time for an English language newspaper that is dedicated to democracy, freedom and social-justice, because the Post and the Nation are just so freaked out weird these days.

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