Thai Culture: The “Love” that causes Thailand’s sick heart

My Siamese cats thinks it can hurt every other cats that does not love it

By Frank, this blog political journalist

If one takes the process of elimination-that international ranking says Abhisit’s corruption is greater than Taksin, that Taksin’s economics management ability is far superior than Abhisit, that the independent institutions such as judiciary is worse off under Abhisit than Taksin and that the police and military state under Abhisit is more entrenched than during Taksin’s time-one can pretty much conclude that the only thing that is left to be the cause of this great divide in Thailand, is precisely “The Love of You Know What.”

So whatever side one may be on-Red Shirt, Yellow Shirt, Blue Shirt, or Green Shirt, or be it Taksin, Abhisit, Nevin or whatever, one can pretty much conclude that what is causing this great illness in Thailand, can be distilled down to one single issue only and that is the “Love of You Know What.”

On the opposite poles to the extreme, are the Thais who wants to turn Thailand into a republic-because these Thais sees the “Love of You Know What” as hurting the country, and on the other extreme are the Thais who say Thailand is unique and that democracy and liberty must be curtailed-because these Thais sees the “Love of You Know What” must be protected because it is a good thing.

Yes, there are those who are on neither side of this argument and only see “The Love of You Know What” as a political tool. But what if, the two extreme are the majority of Thais and those who uses that “Love” is in the minority, surely, can there not be a compromise to settle this great Thailand divide?

This divide, is getting greater and greater as the days goes by and Thailand is very much a failed state these days. Is it not in the interest of all parties to help solve this?

But unfortunately, in Thailand, nothing works anymore. The “Love of You Know What” is being propagated to the extreme that it verges on being grotesque. And the reaction of those who are sickened by that propagated “Love” turns to a republic in response-and like Da Torpedo, gets like 20 years prison terms for lese majeste.

A great deal of damages is being done to Thailand in the name of this “Great Love.” Perhaps one day, the lesson will be learned. I just hope the lesson will not be that this “Great Love” have ended up destroying Thailand, because it will mean this type of “Love” will not be sustainable.

Thais will just have to learn to accept one-day, that it is wrong, to prosecute someone, just because they choose not to “Love” what other Thais “love.”

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