Thai Culture: Thailand’s Giant Leap “Today” into the “Hell Fire”

I lost my Siamese cats to hell fire

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

If you think Thailand is already a total failure as a country, with factionalism and institutional deterioration-think again!

Thai Central Bank Great Blunder:

Today the Thai central bank, that most credible and cutting edge of a Thai institution, just gave an estimated economic growth for next year at a 3.5% to 5.5%. That may seem not very odd in a country like Thailand, but globally, such a figure with this type of spread-is not called an estimate but a wild guess.

And here it indicates a total failure by the tip of the pyramid of the entire Thai economy-to be able to come out and give such a crack-pot figure with such a straight face, against all the laughter that obviously is going towards it.

Then just last week, this cutting edge outfit, just came out and warned that Thailand’s household debt is approaching the 50% tier and all sort of economist have been coming out to warn that Thailand’s public debt is exploding as a percent of GDP, with the government borrowings to stimulate the economy.

Then on top of this year’s 20% fall in FDI, environmentalist is putting 1,000s more investments projects under threat of the environmental lobby-to which again this cutting edge outfit, just said will take about 0.5% out of the Thai GDP, in the best case scenario.

Politicized Military to the Maximum:

Then if you think the current Thai army chief propping up the extreme right-wing government of Abhisit is bad enough for the development of Thai democracy, get the following:

Abhisit cousin has just been appointed the commander of a military unit that have been the forward thrust of any coup attempt in Thailand-and this pretty much puts the entire Thai military under the control of Abhisit’s crony.

But then if you think that elevation is bad enough, get the following:

Anupong’s chosen one to be the next Thai army chief, who comes out at parties all over Bangkok and tells everyone proudly that he gets sick on the millions and millions of Thai Red Shirt, just appointed a whole bunch of military commanders close to him to very senior posts.

So between Abhisit’s hatred of Taksin and the Red Shirt and this freaked out Anupong’s crony, you can pretty much guess where Thailand is heading into as far as peace and order is concerned.

So now the military, that is already on the edge of staging a coup if not for the economy, get fortified by Abhisit and Abhisit can now fortify the military in-kind.

And who is Abhisit except the guy who is very comfortable being proped up by the military and power enough to break stated warratnts not to enter and went to join the Yellow Shirt occupation of the government house and picked Kasit, a terrorist suspect for the airport fiasco as the Thai foreign minister. So all it might take now, is the Red Shirt making a single mistake.

But then if you think that all of the above is bad enough, get the following also:

Military commanders close to that far right, extreme nationalistic and extremist, four pillar house guy, has been elevated by this pillar guy to take command of Southern Thailand, where terrorism is rampant and everyone is screaming for a political solution-and not some extremist far right nationalistic reactionary to bring about a severe crack-down that is just going to explode the entire region into flames.

Police Mafia Deep Rooted:

Then if the central bank and the security development in Thailand is not enough to make your day just really miserable, get the following:

The internal affairs of the Thai police just exposed the bottom of a massive pyramid mafia empire inside the Thai police apparatus. Well, that is nothing new, except, that this police mafia is said to be in cooperation with the civil servants in corrupting away 40% of every baht spent on the Thai police force by the tax payers.

Well the bottom of the pyramid had been exposed, but the top echelons continues to skirt away, and the Thai press, instead of focusing on the corruption, says this crack-down is related to the appointment of the senior police mess Thailand is in. And so the public pressure is off to go after the big fish, and it is now seen as a political ploy. 

Like believe it or not, international ranking puts Abhisit’s corruptyion as worse than during the time of Taksin and Thailand now is the second most corrupted country in Asia-where Asia’s corruption is the worse globally-with perhaps Africa as its peer.

In Summary:

This is truly another great lead of the Thai mankind, leaping blindly like a crazy fool, into the hell-hole of hell-fire, dragging anyone that is as crazy to be in Thailan, down along with the country.

Well we at this blog is not Moody or Standard and Poor, which both had said Thailand’s credit rating could take a hit-for a variety of reasons. But then, who cares, in hell there may not be any Red Shirt or credit ratings-and so what do the Thais care.

Well if you think this blog is exagerating, in a few days the Abhisit government will propagate its achievement of one year in office, and guess this:

“We have done great things for Thailand and our performance is excellent,” said Abhisit.

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