Thai Culture: “Bermuda Triangle Thailand” with Doctor Death, Constitutional Day & Super Hero

My Siamese cats are strange creatures

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

It is Constitutional Day in Thailand and on the news it is all about Thailand’s government allowing Doctor Death and Right to Die. In the mean time, the Thai government last week put in a package to give aid to Thais who die in the “Act” of doing super-good deed.

Now I am extremely perplexed at all of this. “Yes” I am a liberal who believes in the right to die and abortion-but really this is Thailand and things never works according to the spirit of the law, but gets twisted into something “Ugly” as usual.

So lets see, I am just a bit perplexed how can a government that subscribes to the Yellow Shirt philosophy that the poor Thais are so stupid they can not vote, are going to let the terminally ill Thais, many who are so poor that can not afford the best medical help like from Bumrongrad or Samitivej, to choose death?

Then on top of that, university students have shun medical schools in recent years, because of court rulings bankrupting doctors and hospitals for malpractices-even in cases that the doctors and the hospitals gave the best they could.

The Thai Constitution also gives Thais all sort of rights like freedom of expression. But still the concept of freedom of expression is as alien to the typical Thais as anything. Take lese majeste for example, or how thousands and thousands of Thais are bused here and there by the government for political objectives.

But what probably is the climax of this little article, is that last week, the government passed regulations, to elevate and give financial support for Thais who lose their life in the “Act” of doing good deeds for the country.

Now lets see, it only took Thailand about 30 years to put up the 14th October student up-rising against the Thanom dictatorship memorial, because the military maintained for years that the monument will be an insult to the military rule of Thailand. Well about 100 people got killed and many more disappeared in that uprising.

The question is, will doctor death be used as another excuse to quit helping the terminally ill to live comfortably to the last moment? Already, some are asking today, who will decide when to let go-like if a poor relative is coming to visit the terminally ill?

And the question is, what is actually a good deed a Thai super-hero must die for, to be granted a super-hero status and qualified for financial aid?

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