Politics: Seen in Facebook, Some Thais Drifting to Support Pheu Thai Party

My Siamese cats are into Mafia Wars, not war for justice

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

If you follow Facebook, you probably think it had gon totally mad.

There, most people are deep into the game, Mafia War. At Mafia War, Facebook players, brag about things like using violence to stop workers protesting factories, or killing this guy and that, in their move up the ranks to try to control the under-world.

Then against Mafia War game violence, there is the Vegetables Growing Farm game. And this vegeatable growing farm has gotten the Thai ICT ministry interest, in that in the game people try to steal vegetables from the garden-and to the ICT ministry, that is wrong because it is stealing.

But then you have people like Rayasuree, Anyakarn and Natee, who are fighting for democracy, liberty and social-justice, in the real world of Thailand-and uses Facebook to network.

Some of the people like the above mentioned are avid Red Shirt followers. But then some are avid-democratic activist or social workers-and totally non-Red Shirt or Taksin related.

But then, something odd is occurring.

Take Natee for example. He has been trying to raise money for his computer for the grassroots social cause and have been posting for ages about the grass-roots. He is totally dedicated to the humanities and totally non-political. Then all of the sudden, something happened to him.

He had now joined the Pury Thai Party group on Facebook.

While the traditional media, is putting out massive amount of media propagandas that is shoveling Thais into the Democrat Party fold, some are going the opposite direction and into the Puey Thai Party.

People like Rayasuree, Anyakarn and Natee are friends on Facebook and they are supporting each other. Their net work of friends are growing and expanding-mostly as a result of the in-justices they see in Thailand.

But then, Mafia War, is expanding much more rapidly, with the Thais. And it indicates that most Thai, are just not interested in the humanities, but in what the Democrat Party is all about, and that is just a big mafia running Thailand.

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