Politics: Approaching Critical Mass? “Thai Peace Talk Prospects”

Hope is disappearing from Siam

By Frank, this blog political journalist

First came the four pillar house man, that after being protested in the Thai parliament for calling million of Thai Red Shirt a traitor, remained silent.

Then the Cambodian crisis and he remained silent, but then, against expectations to use the Cambodian crisis, to justify his traitor accusations, just said the Thais should remain united.

Taksin took the move as indicating a new stance, and said he welcomed it and was open for talks for national reconciliation. The four pillar house man was again silent.

But then on the 1st anniversary ot the Yellow Shirt occupation of the Thai airport, to which a terrorist investigations on the Yellow Shirt, is going no where, the four pillar man went on Yellow Shirt TV and told the Thais to be watchful on traitors.

All of it accumulated to today, where the far right Bangkok Post, quoting some sources, wrote in a small corner, that said Taksin will quit his activities, if the conflict of interest charges on him was dropped.

If all of the above is not bed enough, the momentum is now on for a serious and severe crack-down on any future Red Shirt protest.

First came accusations that the Red Shirt will bus in foreigners to join the protest, by the government. That accusation scared all the human rights organization in Thailand greatly, that it means the government is setting up the Red Shirt protest, for a violent crack-down as a similar accusations in the past was used to stop the Thai student movement protest against a dictator.

Then came a rediculous car bomb threat by a Red Shirt radio station, that the government propaganda machine used to paint the Red Shirt as a violent movement, even threatening the life of the prime minister. Then today, large fire-crackers, are called bombs by practically every Thai press. Most headlines said, “6,000 bombs found with guns with Red Shirt.”

So now, the Red Shirt, have pretty much been painted as a traitor of  Thailand who are willing to use violence in their protest. And all talk between Taksin and the powers at be, have pretty much failed.

The stage is set now, for the government to do just about anything to stop the Red Shirt, including a coup and use of severe measures against any Red Shirt protest.

The Red Shirt meanwhile, is feeling greatly mis-treated and their main complaint about Thailand, which is a un-just and un-fair Thailand, is sinking in deeper. The resentment is growing deep and profound.

Is Thailand heading close to critical mass and will it explode, you be the judge?

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