Competitiveness: 3) Those in Thailand for “Holiday should follow how “German U-Boat Soldiers” celebrate

We wish you a rock hard holiday

by Terry, this blog editor

Brother Suranand Vejachiva just said in Facebook that this is the calm before the storm hit. Thai Rath, the cutting edge mass circulated daily said next year will be some very rocky road. Manager newspaper, just called the Red Shirt, “Scumbag” in its headline. Then our beloved Prem, went on ASTV on the 1 year anniversary of the Suvanaphum airport hijack. Then the rumors with the military is for another coup.

The bottom line is that who knows what will happen next year.

During WW2, the chances for returning to port for German U-Boat submarines was 35%. That mean when they step into the submarines to go out and do their dirty deeds, most likely, they will not return.

On the eve of shipping-out, the officers and the crew have parties that breaks the envelope, going beyond 100% limit  and hitting 1000%. It was by all probability, the last time in their lives to see land, be with chicks and go out-of-control.

The following might sound odd to our readers, since we here are as hard-core analysts as it gets, but there is a secret society that might be worth your investigation.

It is called “The Secret Society of Happy People” and it is searchable by google. There, you will find loads of cutting edge advice on how to remain positive, even in dire circumstances.

We have found an advice there, and it said, when one have been through a bad bruising time and expect more in the future, it is best to soak up some good times-to cure the old bruises and prepare for new ones.

Remember, Thailand’s happiness index has tanked, suicide rate has doubled, and Thais seeking shrinks help is at historicasl record high. So do not be a victum, but try to rise above it all and find a new maturity.

Happy Holiday All Our readers-no matter what side you are on



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