Thaksin Focus: Snipers All Over & Why Taksin’s Life Still in “Critical” Danger

I hope this Siamese cat called Taksin will live

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Sniper Rifle:

Thai Intelligent News had been the only blog that indicated an assassination plot on Taksin’s life took place while he was in Cambodia. Now comes reports that Cambodia Intelligent received tips that a sniper gun was being smuggled into Cambodia to meet up with assassins already stationed in Cambodia.

Reports said the Cambodian border was locked-down tight on the watch for the rifle and Taksin was guarded by a strong contingent of body guards.

The implications are critical:

Western intelligent sources said 90% of sniper are special military forces, and Thai Intelligence Operatives seldom get directly involved with such activity.

If such a scenario is correct, the approval of the operation lies directly with the military to which the current Thai military chief is propping up the Abhisit government through Nevin.

The link becomes much clearer of who is involved, when considering the Nation newspaper reports that Thai Intelligence operatives were tracking and following Taksin in Cambodia.

The Thai prime minister chairs the  Thai Internal Security Command and other intelligence umbrella organizations, which are the wider umbrella for the Thai NIA or National Intelligence Agency.

High Level Involvement:

It is therefore not beyond probability that the assassination attempt on Taksin’s life, is a plot involving some key figures in Thai politics.

In totality, if reports are correct, it indicates a direct link and coordination between some key people in Thailand to assassinate Taksin.

Likely Assassination Plan in Detail:

We speculate the plot involves, first, Thai Intelligence operatives identifying Taksin movements and then reports them to the sniper to pick the potential killing terrain and the gun be delivered ahead of the appropriate moment for the assassination attempt.

However, we suspeculate, that once Thai Intelligence operatives were alerted that that Cambodias were on to the plot and alert of the sniper gun, the plot shifted to a second attempt outside Cambodia.

The Thai spy, who was caught copying Taksin’s itinerary after Taksin landed in Cambodia, had now admited he passed on information on Taksin’s flight plan to the Thai embassy. If not caught and stopped, it is clear that the Thai embassy would have known of Taksin’s future itinerary. 

The information most likely,  would be use to lay down the second attempt. Many of Taksin’s businesses are in the ASEAN area, and it was probable that Taksin would inspect their progress after leaving Cambodia.

However, with the spy caught, it then again alerted Tansin of continuous efforts, to which Taksin, if indeed had plans for other countries, headed to the Middle East with his private jet, circumvating Thai airspace, where F-16 were redied to force him down in Thailand or shoot him out of the sky if he refuses to land in Thailand.

However, Taksin may not get this lucky again. The Middle East terrain does not support such an easy killing opportunity such as in Cambodia. However, Taksin now has many businesses in many countries, that can offer equal killing opportunity terrain such as in Cambodia.

Taksin’s Global Business vs Thai Intelligence Global Reach:

Obviously in these other countries Taksin will not be on guard and heavily protected such as he was in Cambodia. However, if the Cambodian assassination attempt is real and involves the type of people we have identified, the means are there for similar assassination attempts.

The key is Taksin’s itinerary after he had now landed in the Middle East. We suspect, the Thai Intelligence Operatives, particularly the Thai military attaché in the Middle East, to now be actively tracking Taksin and laying down the foundations for tracking Taksin globally.

If all of the above indeed resembled what actually took place, we expect, Thai Intelligence operatives to be making contack for availability of infornation on Taksin’s future itinerary out of Dubai.

We also want to indicate to our readers that in many circumstances, intelligence operatives places “Mole” and  “Informants” in position close to their target, and in this case it may involve people in Taksin’s mansion in the Middle East or places of frequent visits in other countries he visits.

We fear to have to report to our readers that Taksin’s life continues to be in “Critical” danger.

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