Thai Culture: Some Jokes on Thailand’s Proposed Nuclear Power Plant

My Siamese cats are a long way from being ready for a nuclear plant

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

What will The Thai military say about protecting the nuclear plant with a contingent of military force?

They will say can not because the Thai military needs soldier to be ready for staging coups, enforcing emergency decree and going to war with little countries.

How much will a Thai nuclear plant cost?

The average cost globally is about US$3 billion but add another US$1 billion in Thailand for corruption.

Will the Thai military intelligence steal nuclear materials to make a nuclear bomb?

Does the sun rise every morning and sets every afternoon?

How well will the video surveillance cameras at the nuclear plant operate?

Like in Southern Thailand, the boxes will be put up everywhere but inside it will be empty.

What type of nuclear scientist are Thai universities producing?

The type that are freaks nationalistic and extreme royalist who are ready to go to war with a little country for a few inches of disputed land and relics another culture built.

Is Thailand ready culturally for a nuclear plant?

If the nuclear plant’s computer information system is caught doing a lese majeste or hurt the stock market, the ICT ministry will shut it down and arrest the nuclear scientist, even in a nuclear crisis.

What will the Thai nuclear engineer do in a nuclear crisis?

They will start taking bets if the nuclear plant will explode or not.

Why does the Thai environment lobby want a Thai nuclear plant?

Because the 100% for sure accident, will advance Thai environmental concern to global level.

Why does Bin Laden want Thailand to have a nuclear plant?

Because it means a new stance by nuclear power that they are willing to let terrorist have access to nuclear materials.

If a nuclear plant accident occurs in Thailand, what will the government do?

The Thai government will blame it on the Red Shirt and Taksin.

Will the Thai government warn the Thais of nuclear leak if it happens?

The Thai government will warn the Thais when the propaganda machine can figure out the best way to break the news, in the mean time, crossing their fingers and hope no one knows what happened.

Why does the Thai military want a nuclear plant to have access to building a nuclear bomb?

Because it wants to be taken seriously, instead of a big joke.

What if the government goes to open the nuclear plant and the Red Shirt goes to protest?

The government will say the Red Shirt is trying to kill the prime minister by also killing millions of Thais with an attack on the nuclear plant.

Where will a Thai nuclear plant be located?

At the location that will cost the least amount of money to buy the community referendum vote.

How good is a Thai environmental impact assessment that will be needed for a nuclear plant?

If the worms in the ground does not say no, it is OK.

How will nuclear waste be treated in Thailand?

It will be ship to Cambodia, marked with love from Thailand.

Why does the Thai Energy Department want a nuclear plant?

They say it is for energy diversity and security. But the real reason is that they are bored with oil and gas and want a new toy.

What if the Yellow Shirt occupy the nuclear plant and threaten to explode it if a Taksin government does not step down?

The Democrat Party will go and join the Yellow Shirt protest and the military will refuse to dispurse the Yellow Shirt.


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