Thaksin Focus: Taksin Still Positive “But” Ripe for Underground Movement

I wonder how long will my Siamese cats stay positive

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

It was cute!

First came a Red Shirt radio open threat of a car bomb against the head of the repressed regime Abhisit when he visits a Thai northern province. 

That silly threat was taken so seriously by the repressed right-wing propaganda machine, it bordered on being a comedy. Then came the same Red Shirt radio, that said it was just teasing Abhisit. But instead the people of the northern city will lit 100,000 fire-crackers, in welcoming Abhisit.

Those action of the Red Shirt, pretty much tells you of the mood the head of the Red Shirt, Taksin is in. And that is just some positive energy being released, against the grim and dimness of the repressed Abhisit regime.

But if one looks underneath it all, there is a serious danger developing.

When positive energy is treated as a negative energy, as the funny car bomb threat, is being used to put that northern city under emergency decree, and the right-wing propaganda machine extracts the maximum from the tease, one can pretty much say:

“A violent underground movement against the government, is on the verge of being formed.”

Taksin, the head of the Red Shirt, is non-violent and has loads and loads of positive energy. He tried his best to negotiate a peace settlement with the far right Extreme Royalist, but is met with rejection. In the Timesonline interview, he did his best to defend the institution, but it was turned into a lese majeste. In Cambodia, again it was again giving the Abhisit regime a choice between smooth relation with Cambodia, or making it into a Taksin issue. One neutural observer said, Taksin is just trying to aggravate Abhisit.

Abhisit choose to see Cambodia as an enemy, taking Thailand to the brink of war-over an aggravation.

One positive energy by Taksin to resolve this deep-rooted Thai problem, after another has been rejected.

Now the Red Shirt plans a major protest in Bangkok, and the word is, if anything goes wrong, the military will stage a coup and put Abhisit in power for a very long time to get rid of the Red Shirt. This indicates, yet, another negative reaction to the right of the Thai people to express themselves.

The problem is, right now, the Red Shirt are still positive and have hope. But the risk to Thailand is that the far right will go too far. If and when that Red Shirt positive energy turns into a negative energy, Thailand is heading into a serious problems.

Normally, repression, is always met with a response-this is history. Most of the time, the response to repression, is violence against the oppressor. The only question is time.

Thailand is a wild place with weapons of violence readily available all over the place. The Thais, are also people who are prone to violence, as a nature. Political violence, has been increasing common in recent times. The equation spell violent underground movement against the oppressor.

But the Red Shirt remain positive at this point, expressing themselves through acceptable means, going real funny and hilarious at times.

But if not cautious, and justifications is given to them to turn negative, the ingredients are there for more than fire crackers in a northern city, and we are talking about real bang for the bucks in Bangkok.

As one intelligence analyst said, “Elevating the car bomb situation is the right wing objective, to which I suspect, is related to the Red Shirt climactic protest in Bangkok. If a bomb goes off at that time, the right wing can very much convince the Thais that a coup is needed against the Red Shirt.”

Like we say, when positive energy is met with negative energy, watch out, it could get really bad in Thailand.

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