Thai Culture: Some Jokes on the Thai Justice System

My Simese cats does not have a clue what justice is

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The military kicked out Taksin because corruption, but ranking shows Abhisit is worse. So why hasn’t the military kick out Abhisit?

Because most of the Abhisit corruption is in the military.

Thailand’s corruption is now the second worse in Asia, but Thais don’t care now, why?

Because the got rid of the corrupt Taksin and now think Thailand is clean.

Why does not the Thai anti-corruption body investigate Abhisit accepting expensive gifts?

Because when Abhisit got caught, he returned it and the body said “no harm done.”

Why does the Thai courts hate Taksin so much?

Because everyone hates the Thai courts so much and the courts can’t stand the Thai people loving Taksin.

Why do most Thais say the Thai justice system is un-just, not fair, and have a double standard?

Not true, the Thai justice system has a single standard in going after Taksin.

Taksin asked the legal department if it was Ok to help his wife bid for government land and it said OK, but why did the court still find him guilty?

If Taksin uses too much toilet paper in the toilet, the court will still find a way to find him guilty.

Thai courts plans to nationalized the billions Taksin made, is that acceptable?

If anyone of Taksin executives bribed a cop for traffic violation, the courts would still take his company away.

Very senior Thai judges came out to apologize that they could not keep the justice fair when it comes to politics, but it was mostly not reported. Why is that?

Because the judges have no money to bribe the Thai media.

Why does the courts judged everything Taksin political parties do as wrong, but the Democrat Party as always right?

Because the Thai judges are blind when it comes to evidence against the Democrat Party.

How can Thailand fix the Thai courts and make them just?

The only way is to send them to hell for long-tem punishment and maybe they will be reborn a better person.

How bad is the Thai justice system?

Do monkey courts ring a bell?

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