Thai Culture: Some Jokes on the Thai Cambodian Conflict

I wonder if my Simese cats can take a joke

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Why does the Thai government say Cambodia’s wanting 50-50% oil and gas split is not fair and the Thai wanting 80% split is fair?

Because the Thai government thinks it is smart and the Cambodians are so backward and stupid.

Why does the Thai government say the Khmer empire Phra Viharn relic is Thai?

Because the Thais have no idea of how to build such a great thing so they can only try to steal it.

Why did Taksin went to Cambodia?

Because the Cambodian offered Taksin a home, when the Thai government kept him on the run for a long time now.

Why did Thailand send spies and intelligence people to follow Taksin in Cambodia?

Because the Thai government was curious if Taksin or Hun Sen will win in their golf rounds.

Why is the Thai press so nationalistic and far right?

Because they think helping the Thai government beating on a small country make them important.

If war breaks-out between Thailand and Cambodia, who will win?

Cambodia will win because it can export more wood to Thailand to make coffins.

Why does the Thai government say Cambodians are sending guns into Thailand to cause a revolt?

Because the Thai government knows most Thais hate it and guns is all that is needed to topple it.

Why does the Thai Army says it can win a war with Cambodia to newspapers?

Probably because the Thai Army is about 100 times bigger than Cambodia’s army, but still can help braging about winning.

Why do most Thai guys hate the Thai Cambodian conflict?

Because they have a hard time choosing between cute Cambodians chicks and being called a traitor.

Is it Taksin or Cambodia that caused the Thai Cambodian conflict?

Neither, it is the Thai government’s ego.

Why is the globe on Cambodia’s side in this Thai Cambodian conflict?

Don’t know, but the Thai government says the globe is un-fair and un-just.

Why did Thailand’s foreign minister called Cambodia’s prime minister a Cheap Thug?

Because the Thai foreign minister is a classy thug.

What is the best way to solve the Thai Cambodian conflict?

Get France to pound some senses into the Thai government’s head.

Why does Taksin advising Cambodia economic development is such a threat to Thailand?

Because the Thai government is afraid Taksin will pass on information how Thailand is a fail state to the Cambodians.

Why is ASEAN on Cambodia’s side?

Who know, maybe it is about how the Thai government is so friendly to everyone that everyone can not help but love back.

Why is the Thai foreign minister is under investigations for terrorism?

Because the mere sigh of him freaks the shit out of every diplomat on the globe.

Why does the Thai poll say Thais support the government on the Cambodian conflict?

The heck with the Thai poll because the global poll says the Thai government is full of propaganda crap.

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