Thai Culture: Thai History in the Making on News of “Billions, Coup, and Assassinations”

By all of us at this blog

Well it is official, as far as Thai Rath, a local mass circulated daily with deep links everywhere, is concerned. A coup will take place and prop-up Abhisit as the prime minister, to head-off an election that will see the Red Shirt win again.

And in Thailand, a coup needs the council’s approval, and yesterday, the head council met with some senior military commanders, in a mood Thai Rath reports, was tense.

And Thais Rath, also splattered across the front page of an assignation threat on Abhisit by some Red Shirt radios, prompting Chaovalit, a key strategist of the Puey Thai party that is part of the Red Shirt, to warn Abhisit to be cautious, because the “Third Column” make take advantage of the situation.

Meanwhile, billions of baht that Taksin made, is on the line and as always, the Thai justice system is after Taksin, and the question is only in making the case look good enough for public consumption.

So we are heading into a critical juncture now. Or is it all an illusion?

First off, Taksin does not really care what the powers at be does with his billions, because in Thailand, everything is “Doable” and depends on who is in power. And clearly, how long can Thailand fall under the Abhisit’s coup government, before the Red Shirt return to power.

Second, Abhisit gets killed or not or become the coup government or not, it does not really change anything in the medium or long term. Structurally, the Thai problems are deep rooted and it will always feed the opposite-being the forces of democracy, liberty and social-justice.

And thirdly, the globe will be alienated away from Thailand, and a coup will prove yet again what Thailand is all about-and that Taksin and the Red Shirt are right.

But in Thailand, the ultimate decision does not lie with the councils, but with the human symbol of Thailand.

Now lets see, the current symbol, while we all hope will live long, he is yet getting quite older and frail at times. And his son had been appointed his successor.

If Thai Rath is right, and there is a coup to prop up Abhisit, it will surely be a very long-term government, as it will take a long time, to get rid of the Red Shirt-and we are talking about very long here, because the Red Shirts, are very difficult to crack.

So most likely, the critical “Changeling” will occur during this Abhisit’s rule of Thailand.

Obviously, the human symbol of Thailand understands this. And he also understands the implication of a long term military rule of Thailand-in that Thailand will fall behind the globe and become much criticized globally.

The key question, the human symbol of Thailand, is asking himself, has nothing to do with a coup, the Red Shirt, Abhisit or anything that is “earthly and at common ground level” at all, what he is asking himself, is under what environment will the “Changing” take place.

If one of his last great action, is to legalize another coup, that will influence his son’s future action-as to the direction Thailand will progress. If his action is to lay does the foundation of Democracy, freedom and social-justice, that will influence his son’s future action.

And yet, as he is above “Historical Context” how will generations afterwords, globally, view his time in a life?

What is occurring in Thailand has nothing to do with all of us earthly people at all, because all of us, no matter what side we are on, are corrupted by our values.

What is important in Thailand, right now, is creating an environment, for Thailand’s future. This blog’s argument is for an environment where, democracy, freedom of expression and liberty can prosper, cushioning in a positive way, the rise of a new human symbol of Thailand.

But as we say, we are Americans here at this blog. The future of Thailand, is really in the hands of the Thais.

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