ASEAN Defense: 7) Thai-Cambodian Spy Tape Exposure & Calls for More Exposure

I wonder if my Siamese cats really want peace or war?

By Frank and Stingray, this blog political and national security journalist

Cooling Down or Heating Up?

As the Thai terrorist suspect foreign minister Kasit, who called Cambodia’s prime minister a “Cheap Thug,” went on the cover of most Thai newspaper as saying “Go ahead, expose my order to spy on Cambodia” Thailand’s defense minister dashed out a call to Cambodia’s defense minister.

The message that came through loud and clear is that if left to diplomats and politicians, there will be war between Thailand and Cambodia, so the actual released messages were, “Thai and Cambodian armies remain close and cordial.”

War Plans Readied:

But  as Thai Rath, the mass circulated daily pointed out, the Thai army, through Suthep, pushed through the Thai cabinet, just days before, for a national security plan, that calls for Thai military to be prepared for war.

“It is redundant these days to go to war and the international community will become involved, and Thailand may lose its sovereignty at many levels,” said Thai Rath’s cutting edge analysis.

Thai Army on the Back Burner:

However, it appears that the Thai army have come to some level of the realization that Thai Rath talked about, as the anti-Taksin newspaper, the Nation reports, Cambodia defense minister has criticized the Red Shirt for bringing up the “Kasit Ordering” spies issue and saying “It does not exists” and Thailand’s military flatly denying re-deployment of troop to the entire Eastern front.

Those united moves by the Thai and Cambodian military, indicates, that the military may not get involved in the diplomatic row between Thailand and Cambodia and in putting on distance from the issue.

With both military going for a back-burner, it will then leave the Thai foreign ministry and Cambodia foreign ministry, to hack out a solution to the current conflict.

Diplomatic takes Center Stage?

There are both risks and opportunities here. Thailand’s foreign ministry, under Kasit, the four pillar house, and Yellow Shirt backing, had isolated ASEAN and much of global support away from Thailand. Cambodia’s foreign minister meanwhile, has kept absolutely quiet in the entire offensive by Kasit on Cambodia.

The secret conversation tape of Kasit ordering the spying activity, is probable. The spy is a close friend of the under-secretary of the Thai embassy in Cambodia, who was ordered to leave the country the same day the spy was caught. The embassy was in direct link with Kasit through most of the current Thai Cambodia rift.

Cambodians Spying on Kasit Acceptable?

Before Taksin visited Cambodia and caused this Thai government’s reaction, the Nation, a local newspaper, splatter across the front page that Thai intelligence was following and watching Taksin closely in Cambodia. To which Cambodian intelligence and national security people said they were very worried. “It is their country and the spying on diplomats, under the situation, is normal operational procedure,” said a group of Thai national security officers to this blog.

Spy Tape repercussions:

Kasit’s action, on coming out to say: “Expose the Conversation,” while most local Thai press is running it as Kasit saying it does not exists, in fact, it could also mean a challenge to Cambodia’s foreign ministry, to react. In fact, the Kasit ordering of the spying to captured or killed Taksin, is building his popularity with his extremist Yellow Shirt support base.

The end question, however, is what will happen to the Thai spy? Judging from the mother of the spy, she is now calling for the government to help her son. Earlier, the Thai government minister of the prime minister office, said the spy was a plot cooked up by Taksin and Cambodia, indicating an alternating of the spy out of the picture. 

Meanwhile, the Cambodian has already charged the spy with espionage, and how this Kasit probable spying order impact the case, which will then imply Kasit breaking Cambodia’s national security laws, is yet to be seen.

Cambodia Tightens Security:

Meanwhile, the entire Thai contingent at Cambodia’s flight traffic controller, has been suspended, in what Thailand’s right-wing propaganda machine termed “Cambodia’s aggressive move yet again.”

We just want to remind out readers that the Yellow Shirt, when they closed down the Thai airport, actually went up and took control of the flight control room of the Thai airport, to which Kasit went and joined in that activity, and is now on investigations of terrorist activity as a result.

The Thai prime minister, Abhisit, meanwhile, said a Red Shirt leader, Jatuporn, who bought up the Kasit spy ordering activity, is in contact with the Cambodians. Jatuporn also sits in the Thai parliament, and that spy ordering conversational bomb-blast, if exists, will probably go off, if and whan it is needed-in both Thailand and Cambodia.

Thai Prime Minister “Happy as a Mad Hatter”

The plot thickens, and you be the judge where it is heading to, because we at this blog, is just following the situation.

Like Abhisit is doing in his flight to the APEC CEO summit, as the Nation, a Thai newspaper, really did a great job capturing his mood that says, “There is nothing to worry at all on the entire planet.”

But then Abhsit is the master of the universe when it comes to image building and the Nation is also the master of the universe whan it comes to propaganda for Abhisit. We at this blog wished we were as good at it, because we are biting our nails here.

As the wife of a Thai soldier who had been re-deploy out of Bangkok to the Eastern front tells us, “It is his job to protect Thailand, but what will I do if he gets killed.” Asked how long is his new assignment, she said, “For about a year.” And now Cambodians are getting scared, with the entire Cambodian press corps, saying the Kasit tape does not exists.


Cooling down or heating up, you make the call.

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