Red Shirts Focus: Future Thai Army Boss, Prayuth, says he is “Sick of Red Shirt”

If you are sick, my Siamese cats says see a doctor

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

When Thailand’s future army chief in waiting is quoted to be “Put Off at the Sight of Red Shirt” one can pretty much figure out that Thailand is heading down, and the Red Shirt will probably be killed off one way or another.

I am perplexed however, that how can this future in waiting chief can “Hate” so many Thais. Now lets see, the Red Shirt is a social movement with million and millions of Thais dedicated to it. It is a movement that seek social justice, freedom of expression and democracy.

Hating the Red Shirt, does it not tantamount to hating those values that most around the globe have come to love?

But perhaps I am being too critical to this boss in waiting. Perhaps the boss just hates Taksin. To which I am just again as perplexed, because the justification “Hating” Taksin is related to Taksin’s corruption does it not? But then an international corruption ranking, just put Abhisit and the military junta’s government as being more corrupt than Taksin’s reign.

Then who will argue that the current government and Abhisit rule of Thailand is now “More” of a police and military state than Taksin ever was managed to put in place.

But oh, then perhaps it is not about corruption or a police and military state at all we are talking about but the love of you know what that is the real issue.

Unfortunately, when it comes to love of that institution, who on earth can love it more than military men who are close to the institution, and so to expect everybody else to love it as much and hate those than do not love it as much, does that not sound a bit childish and ridiculous?

Ane when it comes to showing of the love and actually proving who loves who, are we going to put every Thai on court? Like if one gets “F” it is the firing squard, then a “D” its being shuned, then a “C” its second class citizen, then a “B” its warmth and prosperity, and lastly, an “A” and it is the inner club.

And does the Red Shirt “Hate” the institution that we are talking about, to be hated back? Well, if one actually read the opinion of one leader of the Red Shirt, Taksin, in Timesonline interview, one must wonder if Taksin was “Defending” the institution to a hostile global view, or was he “Hating” the institution we are taliking about.

And does not a defense, indicate love at all?

But then perhaps, as most adults knows this, maybe it has nothing to do to love of that institution at all, but about the love of being the big boos, all full of power and the things that comes with great power.

Like I will show you, I can “Hate” millions of my own countrymen, and still be the big boss.

In this fight for democracy, freedom of expression, and social-justice in Thailand, with Taksin or no Taksin, corruption or no corruption, love or no love, most average people around the globe love democracy, freedom of expression and social-justice.

What happens in Thailand, a little country in a far away place, with increasingly little significance to anything or anyone-does not really mean a thing to them.

If Thailand is liberated, the world will welcome it in its embrace. If Thailand continues to fall under repression, the globe will shun it. It is Thailand’s internal affairs.

But when it comes to love, the globe loves the Red Shirt, and pretty much “Put Off” by Thailand’s military and its hunger for power.

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