ASEAN Defense: 3) Abhisit’s Thai Government Officially Launch “Police State”

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By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Oner would think police job is just to keep law and order. But this is Thailand.

After the failure to launch the top police post and senior police generals, Post Today reports that the appointment has now been “Equitably Divided and Everyone is Happy.”

The appointment of the top Thai police and other senior post, had been hotly contested and un-able to settle between the government’s coalition parties, for about three months now, with even the with the Post Today report now, several police walked out of the appointment commission.

“The appointment is made with depth of thought sharing the cake between the Democrat Party, the coalition members and the military…This new appointment will destroy the Taksin police state and help the coalition in winning the election,” said Post Today.

Police State Officially Launch:

While in Thailand, a police state is not an un-common term, however it appears that Thailand is now again deep into a police state status. Politics-Police-Influential Figures-Corruption-Election has now been ingrained into Thailand, yet again.

Taksin was much criticized for running a police state in Thailand. However, under Taksin, the police maintained a degree of independence. The process was three ways, involving the police and politicians in a top-down and bottom-up approach for a solution, with professional police involvement.

Southern Police State Model Now Implemented in Thailand:

The top police appointment was seek out by Abhisit because of his intention to implement the “Police State” Southern Thailand model, where politicians control the police.

Subsequently, the police then, through its control of illegal activities, are a key power broker that politicians in Southern Thailand have relied on to grab permanent hold of power. That model follows many developing countries right-wing practice of using threat and intimidation.

However, in Thailand, there is more than politics at stake:

The twist is that the amount of “grey” money going to the Thai police is significant. To get an idea, in a small tourist town of Pakchong, to get the police to establish a check point box, where police would come and sign in, it cost 2,000 baht per box per month. At the town there are approximately 150 resorts, most wanting two to three box per resort.

The amount of money in this regards alone in one small town, is massive. That amount of money have resulted is a long running practice in the Thai police to “Buy” positions at lucrative posts. This can also give our reader and indication to the amount of money involved in the top police post and it indicates billions of baht.

The Thai economy is reportedly to be understated because of the underground economy by as much as 25%. Thailand’s stated GDP is now in the trillions of US dollars and is the second largest in ASEAN.

The right-wing agenda therefore of the Southern Thailand Police State Model, ran into a major road-block and the appointment went un-settled for the three months. That was because the Thai police are the biggest culprit of organized crime in the country. The money and power in the Thai police apparatus, transcend politics and is a “Power Center” in itself-that will not be subjugated easily to outside political power.

However, an independent Thai police apparatus is now over, and mostly subjucated to politics. The level of check and balance has been severely curtailed.

Grassroots Influential Figures Fall in Government Line:

The entire underground economy of Thailand is now very much under the control of the right-wing government of Abhisit.

We expect this record-breaking struggle of power between the coalition to appoint the top police, is significant on many levels, apart from a united front against Taksin.  

However, we fear that this also has to do with the Strong Thailand stimulus that will see massive amount going to “Road Projects” where corruption will be extremely costly to Thai tax payers. By controlling the police, the government now is in the position to control the influential figures at the grassroots levels. One key business of these influential figures have always been construction projects.

The Bottom-Line:

The bottom-line for the forces of liberty and freedom is that the currently right-wing leaning Phum Jai Thai have now took total and absolute lead in the right wing’s fight for E-Sarn and the North-where illegal activities and the road projects are heading into the most.

However, the most significant impact will be in a direct friction between the prople and the law enforcement officials, particularly in E-Sarn and the North, where Taksin enjoys immense popularity.

Vote buying is expected to increase significantly and pressure tactics on voters by the law enforcement officials are expected to increase. In sum, Thailand’s human rights and freedom of expression is under attack yet again, putting democratic principles at risk.

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