ASEAN Defense: 1) Far Right Media Put Captured Thai Spy Life at Risk

I am at a lost of how to help my Siamese spies

by Frank, this blog political journalist

The headline today in Matichon and Nation says, “Stink, Cambodians rush court case, plan quick pardon on Thai spy in a plot to build Taksin as a Super-Hero in Thailand.” 

In the world of intelligence, there are two theories when dealing with captured spies, and that is to first keep the issue out of the newspapers because it influences the governments involved, then it is to quietly negotiate an exchange. Then, the last method is to use all out pressure to get a release, but that is seldom done, because spies are considered enemy of state.

As an example, during the Iran Hostage crisis, the Iranians slowly released those hostage that the families asked for the Iranian help, and they were released. However, some families of hostages criticized the Iranians, and they were the last to be released.

But here in Thailand, if you read Matichon or the Nation, you must wonder if they are interested in securing a release of a spy, or are they interested in prosecuting their arch-enemy, Taksin.

You see Taksin visited Cambodia and the Nation reported that Thai Intelligence were following him. Then the spy was caught. That came after an open warning on Taksin life from Taksin’s enemies in Thailand. And while Taksin was Thailand’s prime minister, three assasinations attempts on Taksin’s like that was linked to Thai Intelligence apparatus are on record.

So the family of the spy asked Taksin to help. And Taksin, who is close to Cambodia, got the Cambodians to allow the spy to call his mother.

Even after that, today, many Thai media are running stories that Taksin intends to help free the spy to gain points with Thai voters and become a “Super-Hero.”

But the Thai press forgets that in going after Taksin, it said the Cambodians justice system will rush the case and a pardoned granted.

Given the sensitive nature of Thai Cambodian relations, with the Cambodian watching Thai press and the Thai press watching Cambodia, this sends a very “Insulting and Negative” message to the Cambodians.

We at this blog does not give a damn about the political interplay and geo-politics that is going on, but we absolutely care for the spy and his family.

We just want to point out to Matichon and the Nation, that a life and his family is on the line, and the objective is to secure a release, not using it to attack Taksin.

We want to caution and point out to both Matichon and the Nation that for Cambodia, not to use national security laws agsint the spy, but instead to have given him a court process, in the intelligence community, that is a “Grace” in itself.

This blog’s advice to both Matichon and Nation is, as we here believe in freedom of expression, both of your position on attacking Tasin is acceptable and fair game.

But for god’s or Bhudha’s sake, think of what you are doing to the spy and his family.

Run the plot story, you have the right, but “After” the release OK. We here at this blog beg you to just tone down the Taksin attack for now. Plot or no plot, he is helping, but if the Cambodians says “No” what on earth can Taksin do then.

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