ASEAN Defense: 2) Abhisit Junta Goes for Politics on Cambodia capture Thai Spy’ Issue

The bottom line with my Siamese Democrats cat is politics

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Thailand’s minister of the prime minister office, told local press that Taksin, who is trying to help free a Thai spy in Cambodia, should keep “quiet.”

“Taksin caused the arrest and he now is trying to save the arrested. A hero does not cook up his own heroism,” said the prime minister office. “He should keep quiet.”

The mother of the spy caught copying Taksin’s flight plan in Cambodia have made an open plea for Taksin, who is close to Cambodia to help. Nevin, backing a political party and  a key government coalition member, had also made an open plea for Taksin to help.

Taksin, through his Tweet, offered to help, and coordinated with the Cambodians for the captured spy to call his mother. Taksin also offered to help with ther spy release.

Taksin’s helping the spy has greatly embarrassed the government and a new spin on the story has emerged, alienating the Thai spy as an enemy of Thailand.

The story is now that Taksin set up the entire spy plot, that said Taksin ordered the captured spy, to do the spying action and intentionally be caught. The spy caught is a close friend of the undersecretary of the Thai Embassy in Cambodia, and most Thai press back then was accusing the Cambodians of arresting the Thai spy because of the friendship.

The case involve the Nation, a local Thai newspaper that said Thai Intelligence apparatus was following Taksin closely in Cambodia. Then the spy was caught. This comes after open warning from members of the government that Taksin might get assassinated in Cambodia.

Local press such as Matichon and Nation, have been running articles that the captured spy was a result of a plot by Taksin and Cambodia, and criticized the Cambodians justice system as taking part in the plot.

While most Thai press put the fault of the Thai Cambodia rift on Taksin, some press reports that the foreign diplomatic circle in Thailand, are of the united opinion that it is because the current Thai government, while in the opposition, called Cambodia’s prime minister a “Cheap Thug.”

Taksin, a fugative from a Thai judicial system, that most Thais said was un-just, had been on the run globally. Cambodia offered him an economics advising job. But Taksin is an arch enemy of the Democrat party of Abhisit, and Taksin’s presence in Cambodia resulted in a hype of Thai nationalism and Taksin as the traitor of Thailand.

Thailand’s relations with most of the other members of ASEAN has soured under the current government.

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