Economics: Thai and Cambodia fights for oil & gas rights, but “Who is Selfish?”


My Siamese cats wants the oli and gas so much

by Pooky, this blog economics journalist

Well according to Thai Rath, the disputed oil and gas track between Thai and Cambodia is divided into three sections, clerarly Thai, the real dispute, and clearly Cambodian.

The clearly Thai have little, the real dispute is moderate, and the Cambodian is great.

Thai Rath says, if Thailand can get 60%, that is a great deal already.

And yet the negotiations have broken-down because the Thai demanded 80% and the Cambodians wanted a 50%-50% split.

In the mean time, Stingray tells me that if the Thai government can say that a flighht plan is open for anyone to see, he would like to see Obama’s flight plan. You see the selfish Thai government, have been telling everyone that a flight plan is no secret and the spy, caught copying the flight plan, was charged because he is just the friend of the Thai diplomant that was kicked out.

You make the call who is selfish.

But Thai rath concluded that in Thailand’s walking away from the negotiations, Cambodia has nothing to loose.

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