Journalism: Worried about Bangkok Post and Nation’s Editors and Journalists Mental Health?


These two Siamese cats are twisted

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

First the Nation, which has admitted defeat to the Bangkok Post, and now calls itself a business newspaper-we just want to remind the Nation that in business and economics there is no censorship because investors and businessmen’s objective are in making a profit.

That means businessmen and economist require factual and critical information to aid their decision-making. Today the Nation, a business paper, went with the Thai diplomatic row with Cambodia.

But another major story was broke by Thailand Political Prisoner, and that is that Thailand Crisis is being blocked by the Thai government. Thailand Crisis, is non-political, but the blog focuses on cutting edge business and economics information.

Clearly, as the Nation should have seen, for the first time in Thailand’s history, economic and business data is being censored. No, we are not taking about propaganda and spin, but we are talking about blatant censorship of critical business information.

 And this should have received an incredible amount of interest from a business newspaper.

Then to the Bangkok Post, for a paper that has a chief editor being Pichai, who worked with some of the best US newspapers and broke stories that got former US president Reagan to ask: “Who is this Pichai” why have the Bangkok Post turned “Totally in Lacking” of critical thinking on Abhisit.

As the victor in the war with the Nation, there is now clearly no challenge to the Bangkok Post on political news that is being consumed by foreigners. But is there?

Ask anyone who reads the Bangkok Post, on a regular basis, and they will tell you it is biased. Clearly, the Bangkok Post has a track record of “Managed Censorship Policy.” Stories after stories, and we are not taking about the content of the story but the story itself, that is any story that insults the far right of Abhisit, is being censored out to minimalism.

The latest being the Thai spy allegations story in Cambodia, to which the Bangkok Post practically gave it no room. The simple fact is, this is a major story, that is hitting the global audiences as every wire service is onto the story. Then its baby Post Today, calls the spy allegations, “A Soap Opera Cooked up by Taksin and Hun Sen.”

We just want to warn the Bangkok Post that, first, foreigners are buying the Bangkok Post not because they like it, but because it is the only English newspaper that does not twist simple facts like the Nation-meaning in Bangkok Post, the readers can still see the truth.

All it really take, is a Thai English language newspaper with moral and plays it according to freedom of expression, and the Bangkok Post will certainly end up in the trash can. 

And as far as Pichai is concerned, he is going down as the servant of the conservative board of directors of the Bangkok Post. So we hear at this blog, are glad to say that we no longer have to respect him any more.

So go ahead Pichai, trash the liberals and also this blog if you want, you and the Bangkok Post has been “Minimized Out of This Blog Interest.”

By the way, Terry, this blog editor, is a former Bangkok Post senior writer, and the Bangkok Post sent Terry to Reuters Foundation to study.

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