Thaksin Focus: Assassination Plot Stopped “Thaksin Safe for Now”


I want Taksin to live

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Cambodian intelligent arrested a Thai caught copying Taksin flight plan, in what is believed to be a carry through of an assignation threats and attempt on Taksin’s life.

The man is a Thai engineer working at the Cambodian airport and Cambodia have charged him with espionage.

“The Thai is being victimized and Cambodia must follow its legal system,” said the Thai government.

Taksin flew into Cambodia through a private jet and news in Bangkok is that the government is tracking Taksin’s next itinerary.

Rumors have surfaced that Taksin is heading to the Middle East, however, Taksin’s security people said, Taksin’s destination is “Top Secret” as it suspects an assassination plot.

Thailand’s newspaper the Nation, reported that Thai Intelligence is watching and following Taksin’s closely.

Earlier, members of the Thai government said Taksin will likely not enter Cambodia because he may get assassinate in Cambodia. Cambodian security responded by according Taksin with the highest level of security.

“We are very worried of what we are hearing from Bangkok,” said Cambodia’s security apparatus.

While prime minister of Thailand, three assassination attempts on Taksin life is on record, with investigations leading to senior people in the Thai intelligence apparatus, however, the cases never progressed.

In Pantip, Thailand’s most popular political web-board, many Thais have been posting for a call on Taksin’s life.

Taksin is believed by the government to be the cause of a Thai Cambodian rift, where the current Thai government’s foreign minister, under investigations for terrorist activities, while in the opposition called Cambodia’s prime minister Hun Sen a “Cheap Thug.”

Thailand’s most popular blog, with foreigners, Bangkok Pundit, at Asian Correspondent, have been running conversations with its readers of genuine fear for Thaksin and his children.

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