Democracy: Why are Some Willing to Die for Democracy?


Most of my Siames cats will not understand why

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Humanity and globe are about the only two things that will last longer than even Warren Buffet and his US$ 30 billion empire will keep people remembering him by. And that is Warren Buffet, one of the most morally correct investor, that ever came to have a life.

But then if you are not lucky, like the Rockefeller, when in their time was even more rich and powerful than Warren Buffet today, you may end up with a track record of bad deeds that even nasty books are being written about you today-like the many highly critical books on the Rockefeller. Or George Soros?

Gandhi, Che, Mao, Marx, Keynes, Kennedy and others-all great men that the new generation have questioned and wrote critcally about.

The simple fact is, within a few generations, most of us will be entirely forgotten and all the wealth and power, and anything about us really, no matter what we have accumulated or passed on, will take new roots that have very little remembrance back to us.

But humanity and globe moves on.

What makes the globe a better place, is when humanity have pure democracy and freedom. With democracy and freedom, human beings become increasingly responsible and sensible.

So the question is, what are you going to do, when you know wealth, power, reputation and all the rest that you have dedicated your life making, will start dissipating the minute you die? And as you know, that the dissipation of anything that is “you,” will take place for sure, but that the only thing that will keep moving ahead is humanity and the globe.

I invite you to become liberated from the prison of your lifetime, and join in the fight for a better humanity and a better globe. And contribute towards the betterment of something that truly has meaning and future-and that is in democracy and freedom.

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