Globalization: Thailand Increasingly “Isolated” Globally


I lost my Siamese cats to Nationalism and Royalism

By Frank, this blog political journalist

Time and Reuters:

Now Abhisit have done it; even getting the Times editorial to be against lese majeste, saying “It does nobody any good.” And Times/CNN is America’s press that loves the Thai palace. Then Reuters, is now saying Abhisit is now an embarrassment to Obama and ASEAN at APEC. And Reuters is the globe’s most important news source.

Human Rights:

Then god, every human rights organization and freedom of expression organization is totally against Abhisit’s tyrany.

Major Media:

You name it-the Economist, Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times and everyone else-they all are against Abhisit’s Thailand now.


Then following Cambodia, Laos has just rejected Thailand’s help with the SEAGames. Vietnam is hoping like mad, that the Thai Cambodian border is closed so that it could take over all the business Thais is getting.

Like Indochina-meaning Cambodia, Laos and Vietman are forming a sub-ASEAN trading block-and they just would love to cut relations with Thailand already, Phra Viharn or no Phra Viharn.


Then at the last ASEAN head of state meet, half did not show up to Abhisit chaired opening ceremony. Then Malaysia does not like Abhisit. Bruinei’s Royalty rather stay at Taksin’s house in Hua Hin. Indonesia is against Thailand’s position on Mayanmar. Mayanmar is against Thailand’s position on Mayanmar.

Middle East:

And the entire Middle East, represented by Gulf News, wrote Abhisit’s Thailand  in a series of hard hitting in-depth story. Other Middle East media, even in other countries with Royalism tradition, have been doing the same.


Then as Thailand, rejected Cambodia’s position that Taksin is a political refugees, Thailand went and told America the person America wanted was a political refugee-and angering the Americans. 


Then AFP, or Agency French Press, have turned negative on Thailand, like reporting that Bangkok is the world’s capital for whores.


Then every blog and websit on the planet scale is getting record breaking hits with any story that is critical of Thailand and Abhisit.

The Globe:

Yes, one can pretty much say that Thailand is being isolated globally.

But what does the typical Thai care. The Thais say they are protecting their dignity and national interest. With the Thai government’s latest saying the spat between Thailand and Cambodia, is a plan by Taksin and Cambodia for bloodshed.

Like why on earth should a Thai prime minister with an 80% approval rating care about the globe, especially with all the Thai press on its side? Abhisit has the Thais approval to go to war with Cambodia now.


Like a very senior Thai intelligent officer told this blog, “Taksin will never be Thailand’s prime minister again after Cambodia.”

Well, actually, the entire planet does not really care at all who becomes Thailand prime minister. The globe is not really all that emotionally involved with Thai internal affairs.  

Businessmen and Diplomats:

The globe is just perplexed at Abhisit’s “Ugly” diplomacy that is hurting international relation and trade.

As far as the entire globe is concerned, Thailand can shut itself off from the world, wrap itself in total Nationalism and extreme Royalism. Abhisit can get a 100% approval rating and stay in power for another 100 years, and who outside Thailand really cares.

The problem that the entire globe is worried about, is what will Abhisit do to poor innocent Thais that is being spoon fed popaganda and spin and does not have the facts. And where will this Thai Nationalism and Royalism lead Thailand to in its relations with other countries around it.


Like who are Thailand’s friends, on the global level, these days?

Offcourse, Abhisit’s spin and propaganda machine can blame the entire globe anti-Thailand position on Taksin, and yes, most of the Thais will buy it-like they have a way to see the truth or a choice in the matter. 

Like for Abhisit, to be able to turn Taksin’s defense of the Thai palace to all the global audiances, with the Time interview, into a Taksin lese majeste-Abhisit can blame Taksin for the global mess Thailand is in.

Thailand’s New Allies:

Yes, Thailand is turning into an Iran and a North Korea.

All that is missing now is a nuclear bomb, so that Thailand can use it to protect its Nationalism and its extreme Royalism.

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