Thai Culture: 3) The Thai Generals are the “Real” Traitors of Thailand


I plan to die with my red shirt Siamese cats for freedom

by Frank and Stingray, this blog political and national security journalist

In Thailand, everything is about the current army generals and what they dare to do.

The Generals Hate Taksin:

And the military in power hates Taksin. It hates Taksin so much, about 20,000 Thai soldiers, their own blood, who even are suspected of being close to Taksin, careers have been terminated.

Now, very senior people in the Thai intelligent apparatus, have filed lese majeste complaint against Taksin.

And all the army’s have “Strongly” criticized Taksin for lese majeste, involved with the Time interview.

General’s Government anti-Freedom:

Is there any doubt to the level of suppression and un-just Thailand is these days. What ever Taksin was, when the Prime Minister, is miniscule, compared to the General’s government.

General Playing Politics with Royalism:

Anyone who have read Taksin’s interview, can see clearly that Taksin loves and respect the institution of king.

But why does not the General’s recognize this simple basic fact?

Election to Roll Heads:

If an election was held, most likely, Taksin will win. And these anti-Taksin general’s head will roll.

And keeping Abhisit in place is a joke, and more are defecting to Taksin everyday-as the group of 50 High-Society.

It is embarrassing the Right Wing heavily, culminating in the extreme far right, Yellow Shirt, going wild.

Putting Thailand at Great Risk:

The Yellow Shirt now plans a major rally, going extreme Royalism, all at the same time, the current generals are going extreme Royalism.

The unity in that objective will run head-on against the Red Shirt. A slow and suffocating torturous death now awaits every Thai, with the government all ”Crazed Out.”

Economics Blockage:

Stopping these generals to dare the “Ultimate Solution” to survive, is one simple fact, and that is the economy.

And with the resulting “devastation” to the Thai economy, dissent and anguish against these generals will be deep, widespread and profound.

Red Shirt will Die for Freedom:

And the Red Shirt have said “Go Ahead, We do not give a shit” we dare you to take absolute control. Yet the generals are considering it again.

The Bottom-Line:

The bottom-line is Thailand’s interest vs the generals interest.

And history has proved over and over, that these current Thai generals, have always went for their own interest, and to screw Thailand.

Generals’s Risk vs Taksin’s Solution:

And compare these general’s ultimate solution to Taksin’s solution given to Times, it is as clear as anything, that these General’s only interest is in themselves.

Only Traitors Put Thailand at Risk:

They are the “True Traitors of Thailand” and we heare at this blog “Curse” them to a slow suffocating torturous death.

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