Thai Culture: 4) Who supports Thaksin & Why?


My humble love to the Red Shirt

By Frank, this blog political journalist

I must admit, I never really asked myself seriously why I detest the far right of Abhisit and like Taksin. That is till today, when my boss, a 60-year-old Brit who manages 3,000 people from all over the globe, said: “You know Frank, your Taksin, if he was not corrupt, he would have the world under his feet.”

That comment shook me greatly, but I did not respond. Yet it got me to start thinking about who and why, support Taksin. Yes, I have read’s Jai’s Ungparorn, who said that right now, what Thailand needs is a unifying factor to address the tyranny of the far right of Abhisit, and it was important for everyone to join Taksin in this fight.

And yet, is that just like the tyrany of Abhisit, who uses “The end justify the means” rationale, to be able to succumb to the lowest, to achieve anything. And is that right?

So I started to think?

Peter, after the comment about Taksin, asked me, if I had ever ventured into corruption in my life? And Peter knows damn well, that when I was young, I was greatly corrupted by money, and was willing to do practically anything, for money. And so that was a double punch combination from Peter, and it made me very depressed and quite for quite sometime.

But Peter is not mean or anything, you see. That is Peter’s way of getting you to think seriously about something. And as always, it worked and it got me to think.

Basically, there are two types of people in this world, and they are the liberals and the conservatives. The basic differences, is that liberals sees human beings as a positive learning animal, and the conservatives sees people as a negative evil animal. And so the liberals, are willing to forgive people and look forward for better days, while the conservatives, never forgive people and condemn people to their past.

I really do not know how corrupt Taksin was. And I really do not know how Royal Taksin is. But I have always like Taksin. There is an innocent positive energy in Taksin that I can see from even the old days. And today, as I look at Taksin, I can see a new maturity. The Time interview indicates to me a person who have come of age, admitted what ever the guilt he had committed, paid the price, and is back on track to do what he believes in.

So what does Taksin believe in and what does he stand for? It is clear that Taksin loves popularity. If anything, I think this is the basic character of Taksin. He literally sees himself as a cult hero rock star-like.

In politics, being popular is a fact that Abhisit will never understand, because Abhisit is into power, and not popularity. But basically, popularity are what every good politicians must strive to attain. Popularity, in politics, tantamount to keeping in-touch with what the people want, and that again tantamount to democracy. Like when Taksin was Thailand’s prime minister, the government conducted polls on a weekly basis on everything. And compare that to Abhisit who instead of polls, spends massively on advertisement.

Bus to answer this article headline story of who and why are Taksin supporters? Basically, the mass of less fortunate Thais see Taksin as the symbol of hope and prosperity. And for the few in-group of liberated Thais, they see Taksin as the symbol of humanity and all the beautiful and ugly things combined, but always learning and growing.

But then Peter and Terry, this blog editor tells me, many are also just using Taksin to achieve their final objective-and that is to bring democracy, freedom and liberty to Thailand. Terry in particular, says he is just about on the verge of starting an underground resistance movement against the far right-and literally speaking, Terry likes Tasksin because he says, “I have never seen a warrior as fierce as Taksin before and I am willing to die by his side.”

And as for Abhisit, as he is into power, he is into protecting the symbol of power, like the military and others. And so is there any surprise at all why he hyped-up Nationalism ans Royalism.

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