Thai Culture: 2) As the globe remembers the fall of the “Berlin Wall”, a “Bengkok Wall” is Going Up in Thailand


I wonder if my Siamese cats likes being walled in

By Pooky, this blog economics journalist

What was the Belin Wall, except for to keep a welfare state with no freedom going. The Wall also kept German people apart.

Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit proudly declared that Taksin’s populus policies will end in Thailand soon and in its place will be a welfare state.

TDRI, Thailand’s semi-pro think tank gave the advice to Abhisit, based on the rationale that populus policies ties voters with political parties, but a welfare state will tie voters to the state and not political parties of politicians.

So far so good.

But then one must ask why would Abhisit and the Democrat want that, since the party’s philosophy is the class system, with limited freedom of expression and no social justice-with a great deal of state propaganda?

Well one can argue that while short breaks of liberal thinking does pop-up now and then in Thailand, the Thai political history had been mostly far right conservative thinking. And thus one can argue that this welfare state is simply a way to perpetuate the class system, by marginalizing the self-interest and individualism of the Thais away for the state interest.

Economic wise, this Abhisit vision also poses some question about the growth opportunity of Thailand. If the fall of socialism, which is an extended version of a welfare state, has proved anything, is that risk taking and a planned economy hinges on some critical balances.

That critical balance is clearly sustainable and abundance of innovation and creativity. And if anything has proved to be the cornerstone of success of America, Italy and a few other countries with traditional robust innovation and creativity, it is that freedom of expression is critical.

Is there any doubt how repressive Thailand is these days and how utterly full of propaganda the Thais are living under. Critical thinking, questioning, breaking the envelope, experimenting-all cornerstone of creativity and innovation are concepts under attack in Thailand.

What Abhisit will likely end up with, as a welfare state is implemented in Thailand, under repression, will be much like many socialist state that have failed because the people turned into a slave of the state.

Furthermore, because of the class system, while the upper class enjoys education and opportunity to explore innovation, creativity and risk taking, the lower class who are opressed and lack resources will likely turn to the welfare state instead of risk taking. The result is a re-forcification of the class system.

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