Thaksin Focus: Taksin’s Time Interview on Thai Royalism freaks out everyone


Some Siamese cats are smarter than others

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

Taksin and Time must be a master of the universe or something like that to get together and cook up such a controversial about just another Taksin interview into a “Must Read” for anyone on Thailand.

Like really, the Thai polls says those educated will most likely vote for Abhisit and Taksin never had the opportunity to reach these well-educated folks directly, as the right wing Thai media have been spoon-feeding it propaganda for ages.

But wholla, like magic, now you are going to have a every educated Thai going to read the article and god knows many of them are going to see the truth for the first time.

It started with the Taksin interview with a really nasty headline that insulted the monarchy. The Democrats took the bait and started to shout out loud. Then Taksin protested Times. By this time everyone is greatly interested.

Then Time published the complete unedited interview.

But was there a trap or no trap? A cook-up or no-cook-up?

You just got to read it yourself to understand how profound Taksin has thought things through and it looks like “No Lese Majeste” at all.

In the mean time the sometimes smart sometimes stupid, right wing newespaper Bangkok Post on-line edition ran a story that said, quote Kasit, Thailand’s foreign minister that “Taksin Time interview offends the monachy” and leaving many to call in and complained if Kasit has been appointed the spokesman for the Thai palace or what.

About 15 minuites later, the headline was changed to Kasit said the interview was offensive.

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