Journalism: Bangkok Post is “Bankrupt” Morally


Why should I read the Bangkok Post and its baby, Post Today?

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

For the past few days, before today that is, both the Bangkok Post and its baby, Post Today, have run in very big headlines about the Thai Cambodian MOU on dispute area resolution.

Bangkok Post and its baby, was onto the story because it indicated that Taksin and Hunsen have got together to cook up the MOU and it had hurt Thailand’s interest. In fact, the Abhisit government raised the MOU issue and accused Tasksin at precisely this point-to which the Bangkok Post followed through and raised the issue.

It is clear both the Bangkok Post and its baby, Post Today, sees this MOU as a very significant story. Bangkok Post is read by about 99% of the foreign community in Thailand, and its baby, is read by the intellectual right-wing.

Clearly the Bangkok Post is highly exposed to the opinion of the international community in Thailand, and its website gets lots of hits internationally.

The point to keep in mind that as the MOU story was spreaded across both papers in very big letters, but however, on Sunday, the opposition said the MOU was actually drawn up and put into effect by Abhisit’s own party and Taksin just followed through.

But what did the Bangkok Post and its baby do to this “Very Hot Story” that it had clearly indicated?

What the Bangkok Post did was not to mention this fact, about the MOU came from Abhisit’s party himself. Not even in its website did the Bangkok Post mentioned this fact, as the opposition held a major press conference to announce this important fact on the MOU issue.

We here at this blog have called the Bangkok Post a right-wing newspaper always, because that is what it is. But we add that the Bangkok Post is always smart in its presentation and that have made it credible.

However, we just want to cautious the Bangkok Post that it is leaving its readers exposed to be stupid. As foreienger who reads the Bangkok Post today, will be of the opinion that Taksin and Hun Sen have cooked up the MOU to cheat Thailand. And that is a very strong position to have.

But as they enter into conversation and quote the Bangkok Post on the issue in their conversation with others, there will be better informed prople who knows the truth. And that will make both Bangkok Post and its readers look very stupid.

By the way, Terry is a former Bangkok Post senior writer and the Bangkok Post sent Terry to Reuters Foundation to study about news reporting.

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