Thaksin Focus: Top UK Human Resorce Expert Opinion on Thaksin


I wonder if my best Siamese cats are leaving Siam

By Pooky, this blog’s economics journalist

Hue, a Brit who works for UK’s top 100 firm, where this firm is a specialist on advising Fortune 500 and other global multinationals on their human resource management, had a party with me last night. Well it ended in his bed and in the after glow which was one of the best I ever had, I asked him what is his opinion of Thailand at the moment.

“I love Thailand, want to be here and my parents are retired here, but there is no market for my firm’s services in Thailand,” said Hue.

Well I was curious, is that an insult or is it a complement of the Thais? So I said to him, your service will always be needed with me but why not with the Thais?

“Take Taksin for example, the best manager and economist Thailand has ever had, then the Thais kicked him out. Then copied what he started. And when he went to work for Cambodia, they say how can a Thai help the Cambodians and helping Cambodia hurts Thailand’s dignity,” said Hue.

So after playing with him a little, and you know where, I asked him, so what is the secret of his firm’s success. Well Hue said my tricks was not going to work with him, because he has signed a non-disclosure clause with his firm not to reveal sensitive information.

Well disappointed, but still very much still dreaming in the after glow, I said “Please, just tell me a little OK?”

“The best people are a scarce resource globally and their horizons is global, and so to retain these bast people, the right human resource package must be tailored to the individual. That is very easily said, but the secret is in identifying the true nature of the individual, and tailor a package that will result in a harvest of his talents. How to identify a person’s true nature and how to harvest the talents is a carefully guarded secret,” said Hue.

“I do not know Hue, it seems The worse is coming out of even the best Thais. Like even my favorite newspaper and columnist at Thai Rath has gone nationalistic and all about how Taksin does not love Thailand. I am confused. Why is that? I don not understand it,” I asked Hue.

“You know why Pooky, but you just want more of my company’s skills and I can not give it to you. But I will tell you this Pooky and you already know this, its global citizens these days with the best people, and they don not give much value to Nationalism and the type of love Thai Rath talks about. The value with these best global citizens, is the ability to give and receive according to what they give,” said Hue.

“And Taksin, what do you think will become of him, because he gave a great deal to Thailand and everything is being taken away from him?” I asked Hue.

“I have a Thai bank president friend Pooky, and when he works, he is all proper yellow and green, and he stands there at the bank and say everything the government wants him to say. But he tells me one of this day, he is going to be very violent against the Thai government and he does not care if anyone will think he is crazy. That is Taksin’s future for you,” said Hue.

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