ASEAN Defense: 4) Thailand Rejects ASEAN Mediation in Row with Cambodia


Looks like Nicaragua also wants my Siamese cat.

By Stingray, this blog national security journalist

The Thai government said miniutes ago that it rejects ASEAN offer to mediate a settlement with Cambodia.

“This is an internal affair of Thailand between Thailand and Cambodia and non of ASEAN business,” said the Thai government.

At the last ASEAN head of state meet in Thailand, Cambodia tried to bring up the dispute for ASEAN mediation, but Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit, as the current head of ASEAN, said he will block that Cambodia attempt.

Thailand and Cambodia have recalled their ambassador to the other based on Cambodia’s appointment of Taksin, an arch enemy of the far right current Thai government, to the position of economics advisor.

“It is OK that Nicaragua have appointed Taksin as an economic advisor, but it is not right for Cambodia to do the same betause, the Cambodia move will hurt relations between Thailand and Cambodia,” said the Thai foreign ministry, headed by Kasit, who when in the opposition, called Cambodia’s prime minister: “A Cheap Thug.”

Kasit is also under investigation in Thailand for terrorist activity, associated with his joinning the occupasion and closure of the Thai main airport that caused a Bank of Thailand estimated damage to the the Thai economy of US4 billion dollars.

Nicaragua and many other Central and South American countries have a close relationship with Taksin, based on Taksin adoption of Peru’s economist ideas about micro-credit. That Taksin moved, took the Peru’s economist to global recognition, and thus impressed many in the America region.

“Taksin implemented my ideas perfectly,” said the famous Peru economist, who propagated micro-credit and populus policies, which the current Thai government is copying.

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