ASEAN Defense: 2) Thailand Readies War Plan with Cambodia as “Relation Still as Normal as Can Be”


Wonder if my Siamese cats are peaceful

By Stingral, this blog National Security journalist

Thailand’s second army region commander, Veravalit, who oversees security along the Thai Cambodian border said moments ago that Thailand military relations with Cambodia is normal however, plans for war have been readied.

“It is normal for contingencies plans to be readied in these types of situation, however, relations with the Cambodia army are normal,” said Veravalit.

Thailand and Cambodia have both recalled their respected ambassador back, however, both sides security related diplomats remain at each embassy and have not been recalled.

Veravalit said both Thai and Cambodia have not increased its military strength in the border area, however, earlier, the Thai military said Cambodia have increased its military strength by about 3,000 along the border, fortified with heavy equipments.

Earlier reports said Cambodia has added about 30 main battle tanks into the disputed border area.

“Lets not call the area disputed but an area that both Thailand and Cambodia have claim,” said Veravalit, adding that if the government close the Thai Cambodia border area, the military has a plan ready to follow the government’s order.


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