ASEAN Defense: 3) Thailand on an “Hour-to-Hour” Evacuation Readiness out of Cambodia


Looks like time to get lost for a while

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

Thailand is on a “Hour-to-Hour” readiness to evacuate all government personnel out of Cambodia, said Thailand’s deputy of Commerce Minister, Alonkorn.

“If the Cambodia leader does not respect Thai dignity and keeps escalating the issue, we will respond accordingly and since Cambodian have a record of attacking Thais in Cambodia, we are ready to evacuate all government officials, especially the women and children out of Cambodia,” said Alongkorn.

Alongkorn said the ministry is ready to cut off all border trade between Thailand and Cambodia, if the government order the action.

Mixed reports are coming out of Thailand between “normal trade” is continuing to occur along the border and “a rush” of Thais out of Cambodia.

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