ASEAN Defense: 5) Is Hun Sen Right that Bangkok Feel Superior than others in the region?


Some of my Siamese cats feel they are better than others

By Singray, this blog national security journalist

Is there a common thread between the Red Shirt, Cambodia and the Deep South?

While most Thai press are criticizing the so-called Taksin policy of surrounding Thailand from the outside in a series of political moves with Cambodia and the Thai Deep South, but is there an underlying common thread to the current problems in Thailand.

“In Thailand, the rural area elect the government, the people of Bangkok brings it down, and the military props up the Bangkok government. It has been this way for a very long time now,” said a western intelligent source.

“The Red Shirt feels like second class citizens, the Thais in the Deep South feels like second class citizens and the Cambodian feels like a second class peer,” said the source.

According to some intelligent analyst, the common thread, with the Red Shirt, Cambodia and the Thai Deep South, is the Bangkok’s “Superior Complex and Attitude.”

“Bangkok sees itself as having supremacy over the people of Thailand, over countries like Cambodia, and over the Muslims in the Thai Deep South,” said an intelligent analyst.

That supremacy attitude of Bangkok have gone to the level that many leading intellectuals in Bangkok have rejected democracy and freedom itself, as giving power to the lower class Thais who they say sell their votes.

“The poor are stupid and should not vote or say anything,” said the leader of the Yellow Shirt, who has now started a political party that wants politicians appointed and not elected.

Thailand’s current prime minister, Abhisit, broke posted warrants not to enter, and joined the Yellow Shirt occupation of the government house to show support, that destabilized Taksin supported governments out of power.

Abhisit came to power as the Thai military ordered Nevin, a key Taksin supporter, to defect Taksin and help Abhisit form a government. Taksin enjoys widespread rural Thai support, with policies that targeted the poor. 

For the first time in Thailand’s modern history, under Taksin, the gap between the rich and poor in Thailand narrowed noticeably. That immense popularity offended and is seen as a danger by Bangkok.

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