Politics: Poll says Abhisit is ahead


My Simese cats have a way of coming up with numbers

By Tammy, this blog’s humanity journalist

According to a poll, the support for Abhisit has jumped from about 20% to over 60% because of the conflict with Cambodia.

“The poll results indicates the Thai people now support Abhisit as a direct result of the Thai conflict with Cambodia,” said the head of the poll.

“The poll also indicates the Thai people believe in the Thai justice system,” said the head of the poll.

In E-Sarn and the North, traditional strong hold of Taksin, Abhisit got about 55% support, each.

The poll was taken from the 25th to the 5th of this month.

Earlier, other poll said more Thai support Taksin than Abhisit and that most Thai do not believe in the Thai justice system to be fair or just.

But it also looks like Nationalism, as the government have said it would build, is working according to plans. Now all we need is for a war to break out with Cambodia, and Abhisit’s support will probably go up to 100%.

Otherwise, maybe it is time for an election, since the government have said that it will not call for an election until it can win the election. 

By the way, I have been talking to many people, both friends and foe, on this subject, and the poll I did myself, says most Thais do not support Abhisit. And this poll of mine was done till about half and hour ago.

I suggest you do the same thing and just start up a conversation on the matter with 10 strangers and get a poll for yourself.

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