Thaksin Focus: Philippines & Brunei? Multiple Homes for Thaksin?


My Siamese cats are curious about new homes

Will the Philippines and Brunei follow Cambodia’s lead and appoint Taksin as an advisor?

Back when Taksin was Thailand’s prime minister, the country that was most impressed with Taksin was not Cambodia, Singapore or Malaysia, but it was the Philippines.

In fact, the leader of the Philippines was so impressed with Taksin’s economic policies, the country sent several sets of senior officials to study Taksin’s policies. After that, Philippines incorporated much of Taksin’s methods into its economic policies-such as micro credit and universal health care.

Philippines, having been beset with a long-running political instability, did not have the type of funds that was available to Taksin. But the country did its best to adopt much of what Taksin did in Thailand.

In fact, Taksin was so much heralded as a leader of ASEAN and an icon of Asia, the Philippines president, and Taksin, became very close friends and supporters.

Today Thailand and the Philippines are in a trade war over rice.

Meanwhile everywhere and everything Taksin does, turns into a fortune. Taksin also commands respect from global business people and enjoys tacit support from many ASEAN leaders who are sick and tired of the current far right rule of Thailand.

Even at the opening of the last ASEAN head of state meet in Thailand, several did not show up and the Sultan of Brunei, used Taksin’s house as the residence during the event.

Today Taksin is a lecturer at a Japanese University. Commands acceptance and support from most in the Middle East where Taksin now calls home. And in Thailand, his supporters are in the millions and millions. Most say if an election is held in Thasiland today, Taksin supported party, will win.

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