Thaksin Focus: Local press, Matichon “Exceedingly Happy” Taksin Trashed


My Siamese cats loves democracy

Well it looks like Matichon, the mass circulated daily for intellectuals, has blown its top.

Consider it, when a premier Matichon columnist/analysis/opinion writer writes it in ink out loud for everyone that reads Matichon to say that, “I am so happy that the Democrat Party has got it right to say that it is time to step across Taksin and will start to tackle Thailand’s problems,” you know something is wrong.

Like Taksin represents millions and millions of Thais does he not? And is the de facto leader of Thailand’s largest political party, is he not?

And why do millions of Thais still love Taksin? Maybe it is because his policies are so great-great enough for the Democrat Party try and copy most of it. But then what does Matichon care about giving due credit due?

Then for month’s Matichon have been on a rampage against Abhisit’s government corruption. And as funny as it is also, in the same article by that premier Matichon columnist, it went into how the government is self-destructive, from internal power struggle.

So what gives here?

Because it looks like the government is a problem on to itself-like with massive corruption and internal-bickering and Taksin is the representative of millions of Thais.

Like must we at this blog remind Matichon about the democratic principles and process?

Like as funny as it is, as that high-ranking Democrat MP went saying the party will step across and beyond Taksin, there you have Abhisit going on TV today, at a seminar, and said it is the government’s job to listen to business and also the people of Thailand.

Now let’s see, it is first ignore Taksin and his supporters, and then it is listening to the people.

Is Matichon now all about the far right all over again-that sees the Thai people as just something to step across and beyond? Like we here at this blog keep saying, there is just too much ego in Thailand and too little “Inclusion.”

Maybe the problem Matichon is trying to point out, is that the Democrat Party should listen more to Taksin and his supporters, and stop attacking Taksin and the Thai people he represents.

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