ASEAN Defense: Famous Thais Words of “Understand it, Reach it, & Develop it” lacking in Thai Deep South


My Siamese cats are idiotic at times

You got to give it to the Thais to have such a great King, Bhumbol, who says: “When facing a difficult task, it is best to understand it, reach it, and develop it.”

But you also have to give it to the Thais, to be “idiotic” enough not to even listen to their great King Bhumibol.

Take Thailand’s terrorist infected Deep South, as an example. It is clear as light of day to anyone that the Muslim there has a strong sense of identity that differs from most other Thais, and they feel threatened by these other Thais.

And why should they feel any different, Bangkok have been treating them as a “Second Class” and “Conquered Citizen” for decades.

Then while the military says the people in the Deep South are more open to the Thai military, that looks like just sheer propaganda, as most people down there still don’t talk to the military about the terrorist.

Then again the propaganda goes that in sheer terrorist activity numbers, it is down. But then adds that but each attack is getting bigger and nastier.

So comes Chaovalit and his ideas of granting some cities down there the same type of autonomy Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pataya enjoys. But then immediately, The Thai prime minister, Abhisit, is against it, saying it is a threat to national security and will confuse people.

Abhisit solution: “Throw money at the problem because when the people there are well to do, terrorism will disappear.”

Like really, which idiot told Abhisit that? Rich Muslims are peaceful Muslims? Try telling the billionair Bin Laden that.

“Economic development is not the solution and Chaovalit advice should be taken seriously,” said a Muslim MP from the Thai Deep South.

Well, you judge for yourself if Chaovalit is right or wrong. But just remember the Thai King words that the way to solve difficult quagmire, is to: “Understand it, reach it, and develop it.”

Like really, does Bangkok understand the Deep South sense of independence? Like really, does Bangkok know how to reach those independent minded folks. And like really, does Bangkok have a clue on how to develop those independent minded folks into peace-loving Thais.

Like really, even the Americans sees the solution to the Middle East in Democracy. And just sit back and take a long look at how Democratic is Thailand these days.

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