Thai Culture: Thais Consult Psycho Phone Hot-Line Tripple


My Siamese cats love me because I am strange

by Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

True TNN Cable Tv just reported that so far this year, the number of Thais consulting the “Mental-Hot-Line” is up by a whopping 3 time lest year level.

“Thais are accepting psychological help more than in the past, and the medicine that they are seeking are all those that helps with depression,” said TNN.

This week is the good mental health week in Thailand and psychologist in Thailand are pushing for some cutting edge mental related medicines to be included in the list of medicine that the state can give out under the universal health care system.

Earlier report said that suicidal rate in Thailand in 2009 has doubled the 2003 level to 2 per hour currently.

TNN said the pressure is great in Thailand to fit into the accepted norm of bahavior and beliefs, particularly by youing adults who are trying to fit into a working adult environment. TNN also said Thai politics and economy has caused the Thai happiness index to fall to a 10 years low level currently.

Meanwhile, at a global economic meet being held at the moment, many industrialized countries are discussing the importance of the “Happiness Index” as oppose to the GDP index as the measure of success.

The report said that Bhutan and several highly advance European countries have the highest level of Happiness Index ranking, even when Bhutan is a poor country and the mentioned European countries are extremely wealthy.

Despite the Thai King, Bhumibol, attempt to teach the Thais to live a simple and sufficent life to be happier, most observer of Thais says the Thais appear to think shopping malls is the new religion center.

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