ASEAN Defense: Thai soldier Class of “Burapayak” Blitz a Cold Winter Across Thailand


I rather rock than listen to my fierce Siamese cats

by Stingray, this blog national security journalist

As this blog reported earlier today, several sources said a coup is still a threat in Thailand. The names to watch, to gauge the threat of a coup, Apart from Anupong and his clique of power players, are the rising star like Prayuth, Valit, Surapol and Theppong.

Meanwhile, the Thai military machine continues to consolidate power with ISOC sending psychological warfare personal to visit villagers and Fierce Animal taking control of key Bangkok military positions.

According to intelligent sources, 2,974 psychological warfare specialists have visited villages in 76,697 occasions to indoctrinate about various aspects on national security, including installing Royalism.

And Burapayak Group (fierce animal), headed by Anupong and the 2nd Army Royal Guard clique, have replaced large numbers of commanders from other clique in Bangkok. Anupong, head of fierce Animal, hand-picked succession of Prayuth, made most of the movement selection.

In the mean time, the Thai army have also jumped into anti-rumor fray and ordered the army investigate and report cases of lese majeste to law enforcement officials.

All three are culminating in a Thai army blitz to re-assert it against accusations that it is not entirely in command of the Thai military chain of command.

The accusation arose as Burapayak has been on a pro-longed witch hunt in the Thai army against any soldier suspected of being a Red Shirt sympathizer. That move, many military analysts have said, had resulted in simmering dissent in the Thai military.

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