Justice: Abhisit Escape Elephant Tusks Corruption: How?


Sometimes I want my curious Siamese cats to get lost

By Tammy, this blog humanity journalist

The Thai anti-corruption body that was set up by the coup to go after Taksin corruption, just ruled today that Abhisit “Did No Wrong” in accepting a pair of rare elephant tusks worth about half a million baht more than the law allowed him to accept.

“He returned the tusk and did no wrong,” said the anti-corruption body, whose elephant tusk acceptance was bought about by the Phey Thai party, against Abhisit of the Democrat Party.

Meanwhile, Taksin is wondering how on earth did Abhisit got away with it. Taksin is also wondering now, if all he needs to do is to return a piece of state land he helped his wife auctioned and found guilty of corruption, and that will also be OK.

Abhisit have also accepted a gold ring valued more than the 3,000 baht limit the law allowed, but the anti-corruption body also said it looks like “No Wrong” has been done, because Abhisit returned the ring.

“I accepted the ring because I did not want to hurt the felling of the giver, but now I have returned it,” said Abhisit.

Thailand is now ranked as the second most corrupted country in Asia. Corruption associated with the Abhisit government massive US$44 billion stimulus is estimated and documented by many to be in the billions of US dollar.

In a recent poll, most Thais say the Thai court system is not just or fair and have a double standard against Taksin.

Earlier the corruption body ruled that Samak, a Taksin supporter former Thai prime minister, violated election laws and must leave office, because Samak accepted about 4,000 baht in transportation money to a series of cooking shows for TV.

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