Justice: Bangkok Post, Nation, Thai E-News, Nevin & “The BBC Bank Fraud”


My gamg of 16 Siamese cats are wide eyes now

Thai press are hot on the Rakesh plundering of BBC bank story, one reason being that the case could lead to the current government stability.

The Canadian court just cleared the way for Rakesh, former head of the now defunct BBC bank, to return to Thailand to stand trial on bank fraud. Security is thght. The Thai Attorney General Office just issued a statement that attempt to assassinate Rakesh may occur.

Bangkok Post, which ran in the story headline, “Government not afraid of political fall-out,” quoted Nevin, who is helping to prop up the Abhisit government as saying, quote, and “I never borrowed from the bank.”

Meanwhile, The Nation, called up Rakesh and got him to quote that, “I may reveal the political inter-play that bought the BBC bank down.” Then Thai-E-news, part of the Red Shirt, went back-tracking the political history behind BBC fall, and said Nevin borrowed from the BBC Bank.

The Post and the Nation are considered supportive of the current government, with the Nation, landing many lucrative media contract witht the government.

Way back when BBC fell, some 15 years ago, Raskesh used a great deal of political power to remain a key figurer of the bank. Under Rakesh, allegedly, Rakesh made a great deal of loan with little strings attached. Much of that money is believed to have gone to loans for politicians-most notably the Group of 16 politicians, to which back then Nevin was a part of.

In fact, Suthep, the current link between Nevin and Abhisit, that is keeping the government in place, opened a no confidence censure debate way back some 10 years ago, against Nevin and the Group of 16 for causing the down-fall of BBC bank.

Even Banharn, the de facto leader of another party that is supporting the Abhisit government is involved in the case.

Thailand is now ranked as the second worse corrupted country in Asia. Massive corruption under the current government is well documented and many believe to involve billions of US dollars.

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